the new ArtFarmer Lp is here!!!

Jul.03, 2009

THE ARTFARMER  limited edition 12” vinyl  is here!!!!

vinyl1 This is an offer to purchase a numbered limited edition 12” vinyl record by
This particular constellation is: Mats Gustafsson, baritone and tenor
saxophones, Clay Ketter, drums and Anders Lindsjö, bass guitar.
This record is released in conjunction with Ketter’s solo exhibition at
Moderna Museet, Stockholm, summer 2009. The record consists of 3 tracks
on the A-side, the B-side etched with a motif reminiscent of the exhibition.
Each sleeve contains a unique screenprint by Atelier Clay Ketter. Edition 300.
The Artfarmer was initially formed in November 1992 in association with Clay Ketter’s first solo exhibition in
Sweden. The Artfarmer has had different constellations throughout the years.
In 1998, while producing the theme music for a television series, they recorded and released a blues-rock
CD. Sporadic performances and recording sessions ensued during the following years with various guests,
always with Ketter/Lindsjö as a base.
Gustafsson and Lindsjö met the first time in 1986 and playing and recording with Jean Christophe
Morrison’s “Bad Quartet”. Ketter and Lindsjö met after a show the following year in New York City.
In the fall of 1990, the music of J.C. Morrison was played for the first time by the present trio, who join
nearly 20 years later to revisit these exquisite works, along with a tune by Jake Holmes, stolen by a far more
famous band in the late sixties – one of Ketters earliest and most enduring influences.


Some words about the record:
Swedish artist Clay Ketter has found the same patterns in houses, buildings, and traces in cities as did the artists of
l´art concret invent. This is extraordinary coming from two very different points of view. One being the pursuit of another
society the other being the traces of the society; of modernism so to say. Ketter´s art is in a way childish, looking with
wide open eyes at what he sees. Where the modernist artist yearned for change or stunned in admiration Ketter must
have discovered a kind of rhythmic pulse; usable for music as well as pictures.
This edition has been designed and formed by Ketter. The cover is not really a cover it is a print. He is playing with
signs of time, season and places. It gives you a sensation of longing although you know you just long for a time and not
a place. Could it be he is thinking of his own American background? The same goes for the beautiful vinyl itself with
music only on one side and etched art on the other.
Yes, I think the music tells us this session was a dream. The beat is strong and persistent, almost shamanistic, and
the sound is cooking as it did during the heydays of free jazz back in New York City… The magic really is its congenial
strength so far away from the city and its free jazz times. They are just in Uppåkra, Sweden, but seem to have forgotten
this obvious fact for a dream. The one you get a hint of just by looking at the record.
Thomas Millroth

get it before its too late… strictly limited and just….beautiful:

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