May.14, 2022

deeper folk music.

from Poland, Ukraine, Portugal, Sweden, Norway and Sápmi!

in a improvised music situation with instant conductions and graphic scores!


one of the most INTENSE projects i have ever been involved in , with some super amazing musicians —- dealing with traditional folk music from different cultures, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway and Portugal.

all put together in new ways of free improvised music, conductions and graphic scores!!!


Two days of rehearsals showed us some radically new ways to deal with traditional music materials by sharing and interacting!!

initiated and supported by the new  inbetween project and Avant art!!


Sylwia S?wia?tkowska (PL)-suka

Arne Forse?n (SWE)-prepared piano, clavichord

Susana Santos Silva  (POR/SWE)- trumpet

Daniel Formo (NOR)- organ, prepared piano

Maniucha Bikont (PL)-vocals, tuba

Helga Myhr (NOR)- hardanger fiddle

Mats Gustafsson (SWE/AUT) – sax and flutes, conductions

premiering a new piece written for this spectacular ensemble: “EE OPUS ONE” (2022) and “PLUGS EXTENDED version 13” (2000/2018/2022)