Feb.11, 2018




the new album THE HANDS by FIRE! -is getting a LOT of reviews and attention.


thank you all for believing.

we are very proud of the album  —- chcek it out here:


some of the latest reviews are here:

salt peanuts


Don’t say it hasn’t happened to you. One morning you wake up and you really, really want to play heavy music. Stooges heavy, Black Sabbath heavy, nothing fancy but I broke your pavement with my bronto-booted step heavy. Well, it happens to jazz musicians too, even musicians like Mats Gustafsson who are already acquainted with a myriad of opportunities to play hard, fast and unencumbered by the Geneva Convention. So the mission that he, bassist, Johan Berthling, and drummer Andreas Werlin pursue when they convene as Fire! is very specific. They must play as hard as they need to but not duplicate what they do in other ensembles. Additionally they must adhere to the monolithic heaviosity of hard rock without betraying their collective decades of improvisational practice. The Hands could be subtitled, Mission Accomplished. It lurches into action with a shudder of distressed electronics and distorted bass before Gustafsson’s bass sax scoops deep into the groove with a melody that’s as simple as it is cruel. But while it sounds massive, this music is not monolithic. Variety comes from the respite when Scandinavian movie dialogue or a rumble that sounds suspiciously like a satisfied cat edges the horn aside, and subtlety manifests in the coexisting layers of rough texture on slower tunes.





see u soon —— TRIO tour of FIRE! coming up:


16.02.2018 Florens Sala Vianni Italy
21.02.2018 London Café OTO United Kingdom
22.02.2018 Utrecht EKKO Netherlands
23.02.2018 Ljubljana Gromka Slovenia
24.02.2018 Augsburg Brecht festival Germany
25.02.2018 Vienna Porgy & Bess Austria
02.03.2018 Athend Underflow Germany