LISTEN UP nr 2 – 4 !!!!

May.04, 2017

soon time again!!!!

more creative activities: vinylsales, signature drinks, solo acts and brutal,  beautiful contemporary jazz sets!!!

“LISTEN UP!” concert serie at jazzclub Fsching in stockholm, curated by Mats Gustafsson


may 10th :      ZU + support: anna högberg solo  +   Pet Sounds ( DJ, vinylexhibition and sales!)

may 12th:      Radian + support Signe Dahlgreen + Record Mania  ( DJ, vinylexhibition and sales!)


may 13th:      FIRE! & guests + support Sofia Jernberg + support Isak Hedström + Bromma Records/ Swejazz ( DJ, vinylexhibition and sales!)


creative music for a curious audience —  LISTEN UP! LISTEN UP! LISTEN UP!


jazzclub Fasching, stockholm, Kungsgatan 65 — concerts 8 pm, doors 6 pm