LUFT concert!

Nov.14, 2014

the duo LUFT – has just finished recording a  new album – and a concert in nantes, france!

erwan keravec and mats gustafsson – bagpipes and reeds.

photo micke keysendal –

ps.french photographer michael parque wanted me to take down his photo, that was up yesterday,  that he took  without asking permission to take during concert.

copyright problems on the net continues to be problematic and confusing….




this is the end of this touring season —- now there is theatre work ahead  w Orionteatern in Stockholm – together with Fire! and mariam wallentin ( wildbirds ) and david sandström (refused ) – directed by mighty Lars Rudolfsson —- premiere feb 7th 2015!!!!!


no gustafsson touring until may 2015 — but then full on with the thing in south america, klangforum wien in cologne and amsterdam, swedish azz in canada, LUFT in france, and much much more!!!!!


be well- stay tuned — peace & fire  /////  mg