new release july 2013

Jul.06, 2013

here is a new release , one-sided LP , ready for pre order!!!!


Mats Gustafsson (reeds) and Didi Kern (drums; famous for playing with BULBUL, BROKEN.HEART. COLLECTOR, FUCKHEAD,…) are playing a show at Eissalon Joanelli in Vienna.

limited to 222 copies.

this is the pre-order for the first 70 copies, remaining copies will be go online when they are here (will be around july 19th).



new release coming up in  fall: Fire! on rune grammofon, gustafsson & vandermark on CvsD, The Thing´s BOOT on the thing records, gustafsson & nilssen- love: LP and 2x ep on Bocian records, gustafsson & moore: lp  on Oto records and a whole series of duo recordings w gustafsson & thurston moore, eye, christian marclay, joe mcphee… all on vinyl and cd, gustafsson solo LP on Multi- Kulti records and some other secret releases, to be announced soon!!!!