vinyl trades fall -11

Nov.29, 2011

so, finally finally finally……

a NEW list of vinyl TRADES!!!!

I have to appologize…. it took way to long time to get this list together… my ambition is to have a new list every 2 months… I ll try my best in the future! the fall has been insanley busy with touring and recording ( and some vinylhuntings as well in between….).

so , this time, there is a lot of british things…. some amazing stuff… and  one of the rarest BEASTS ever… in the free improv / creative music section… see below….

and two great steve Lacy´s… two great coxhills, and the greatest x- mas record ever… and also something for the Archie Shepp Completist!

I can asuure you — its all GOOD! that is alos the point of this trade list —  I only offer stuff I really LIKE and LOVE myself.

these copies are dupes… of what I really in my own collection — so that I can guarantee the quality of the music and the rarity!!!!

so again… “the rules”:  if you are interested in a vinyl or two … drop me a line and offer me a trade…. the first one that offers me a good trade get the goods. no other way around.

GOOD LUCK —- one piece of vinyl per day , keeps teh doctor away for goooooood!

so , nuff said….. here is the VINYL TRADE LIST FALL 2011 :


Rolf Ericsson – pretty little neida on Four Leaf

great and amazing swedish jazz from Ericsson ( of Mingus and Duke – fame ) together w gigant Bernt Rosengren!

1971 recordings!

cover have some small wear… but records in great shape.

still available!



Sam Bello / Archie Shepp — BLACK CHRISTMAS om AAAA records. 7″ vinyl.

the  bEST x- mas record ALL TIME?????

archie shepp in great form…. playing w a french (?) afro – jazz group….wow!!!

this is a RARE one… cover is in great shape and record show some wear, but is in great shape still, only some minor surface noise  NM / VG +



Marion Brown – afternoon of a georgia fun, ECM 1004

one of the first ECM releases…. and what a release… CLASSIC ! amazing music….w braxton , cyrille, jeanne lee …

not the rarest record in the list… but GREAT music!!!! cover VG + records NM

still available!





BORN FREE – the 12 the german jazz festival, Scout records

!!!!! again….. for the 2nd time on the list…. this is a MONSTER!!!! absolute killer… with unique tracks by: Peter Brötzmann group ( w evan parker, bailey, bennink, breuker,rutherford etc… ), Pierre Favre Group, Joachim Kühn, Art Ensemble of Chicago bIg Band, Albert Mangelsdorf group, Dave Pike… etc etc etc… INSANE collection and really great sound as well!

this is something else…. and music can only be found on this release…. a triple LP set!!!!!

the HIGHEST recomendations!!!

cover  ( VG+ ) has slight bend on the right low corner but vinyls are NM….. amazing!!!!!




Interaction w Dieter Scherf quartet LST 2- 4- 73

a forgotten masterpiece of european free music! wild and frantic with the mighty Dieter Scherf — kickin alto player!!! very rare… and this copy is hadly played… an amazing condition  M -/ M-

kick ass – free jazz blow out!!!




Georgie Fame – the two faces of Fame , CBS 63018

british vocal jazz from 1967… with the legendary Harry South Big Band… with the cream of the cream of british jazz and free players:

“Terry” Oxley ( Tony that is…. ), Gordon Beck, Jeff Clyne, Kenny Wheeler, Tuby Hayes and others….

pretty straight ahead music.. but if you are a Oxley completist ( who isnt ? ) – you NEED this one!!!

good condition  VG + / VG+

still available…


Steve Lacy – Catch , Horo 08

amazing Lacy document…… in duo w Kent Carter…. totally right on! recording from 1977 in Rome. a sensational duo at its best! no doubt! one of my fav Lacy records all time!!!

great conditions on both vinyl and cover!

still available!



Steve Lacy – Clinkers , Hat Hut Records F

killing solo album by soprano maestro Lacy!, recorded 1977 ( great year… ) in Basel. classic lacy compositions Trickles and  Duck

presented in a way no one else can do. not the rarest lacy record, but OH – so GOOOOD! mastery….

cover has a small split seam ( 3 cm ), but record is NM. amzing recording!

still available….


David Murray – Conceptual Saxophone , Cadillac

a forgotten solo sax treasure! Murray did a series of solo recordings in 1978, all published on 3 different labels. but  these are overlooked, if you ask me.

music is so full of life and creativity! amazing… totally beautiful… this LP has a totally remarkable version of his composition Home!


still available….

Lol Coxhill – the Joy of Paranoia, Ogun

oen of the first records of improvised music bought by young Mats Gustafsson…..and still an absolute favourite!

the first side SWINGS like mad…. LIKE MAD!!!!!

Coxhill is one of very few geniuses on the scene — I KID YOU NOT! this recording prooves it all.. now and forever! I LOVE IT!

SORRY – traded!

Lol Coxhill- Fleas in Custard, Virgin

another amazing coxhill…. weird and beautiful… hard to describe.. as always when it comes to Lol!

some pretty amazing modulations and processing as well…and even some snippets of an coxhill alto sax… (!)

all coxhills are to get. thats how it works….

Sorry – traded!


Tony Oxley – 4 compositionbs for sextet, CBS

this is IT! classic masterpiece of a record! GOTTA HAVE vinyl….. one of the most thrilling and amazing documents of the early european scene….w a line up Bailey, Parker, Wheeler, Rutherford and Clyne together w tony Oxley….this 1970 recording is THE perfect illustration of the breaking point between free jazz and abstract playing…

just mindblowing!!! the highest recomendations!!!!!

VG+ / VG+





and another UK bomb:

Evan Parker – saxophones solos, Incus 19

music doesnt get better then this… a complete masterpiece my legend Parker…. its all there…. and beyond.

this is a BOMB! and in NM condition as well…. vinyl is silent… a BEAUTY….. a real BEAUTY!!! must have,,,, MUST HAVE!!!!



Basil Kirchin – worlds within worlds part 3 & 4, Island

the 2 nd part of absolute legendary piece by UK composer Kirchin! this is worth looking for…. HOLY SHIT!

liners by Eno… and music  cant be described…animal sounds, electronic processing and live instruments all mixed …. it goes beyond all….. beyond ALL…. the highest possible recomendations! cover and vinyl is basically perfect! NM/ NM

and yes…. derek bailey is making sounds and noises in the mix….!!!!!



and let us present the BOMB of the year……….


Basil Kirchin – worlds within worlds part 1 & 2 , columbia EMI

this is the BOMB…. one of the rarest records I have ever came across….. and I found my personal copy the same week as this one…. it took me 15 years to dig one up….

it has everything; rarity, great cover, AMAZING music…. everything….

I cant recommend a record more highly… animal sounds…. and basically just Evan Parker and derek Bailey playing their asses off…. unbelievably GREAT!!!!!!

I have seen one copy for sale ever…. and it was EXPENSIVE….u  can buy a car or two for the price I saw….

cover is VG + with some ring wear and edge….. vinyl has some surface noise at beginning of side A… but is very good  (NM)after that beginning…

please , only serious offers… and as soon as you can…. this one will go fast….

still looking at offers…. but, in theory: STILL AVAILABLE!!!!


GOOD LUCK !!!!!!


all the best / alles beste / cheers  //// mg