new vinl trades march 2011

Mar.22, 2011

new vinyl trades march 2011!!!!

welcome back to the world of vinyl trades!!!
the new list is here with some heavy items again…. the first one that offers a good trade gets the goods…
please email:
write down yr  best offers and we will make a trade!

Mats Gustafsson – NEEDS 12″ LP + 3″ CD with unreleased material!
This newly released LP on the excellent Dancing Wayang label is sold out already…. and the very 1st pressing with the 3″ CD with another 4 tracks…. was sold out immediatley at the very release in 2010.
pressed in only 100 copies…. this is nr 87.
both CD and Lp is in silkscreened cover. artwork by Mathias Pöschl.
I know that we usually never offer cds…. only vinyl… this will be the only exception…;))


Guitar Workshop on the Japanese Union  label.
This japanese collection of guitar music includes one track by the LEGEND Masayuki Takayanagi and his BLASTING unit!!! only on this release!
This is the 2nd pressing of a very rare LP.
Music is above GOOD! VERY GOOD!!!!!


Radiojazzgruppen – Blåsländor on Sveriges Radio label. RELP 1111.
1st pressing of an amazing LP!!!! great music and amazing cover. Large ensemble compositions and improvisations by this great swedish jazzgroup under Jan Johansson and Georg Riedel.
The back of the cover was “stolen ” by Swedish Azz and their new release “azz appeal” on Not Two Records.
But this is the original.
Included is great composition by Riedel: “Hugin and Munin”.
Hard to find these days and amazing music!!! great shape!


Bitter Funeral Beer Band with Don Cherry
amazing… just a freakin AMAZING LP on ecm (!)…
Bengt Bergers great  large ensemble playing and steaming….. with special guest Don Cherry at his best!
Drummer Mera Gartz ( of Träd, Gräs & Stenar – fame ) makes an over the top tenor sax solo!!!! MINDBENDING!
An all time favourite LP. REALLY fantastic music! rare to find.. and worth looking for…..

TRADED! sorry….

Mario Schiano & Giorgio Gaslini  on Horo Records.
The two italian GIANTS of modern jazz in a very very fruitful meeting.
This records is for sure one of the best records of them respectivley and together.
Great compositions and great playing. as it should be!
a rare records to find and in great shape. I love it! very recomended!!!!


and some australian rarities:

Jon Rose – devils and angels on Fringe Benefit
a rare Rose LP with amazing solo music… on both vioin and 19- string cello !!!!  made, of course,  in a small quantity.
free improv on in typical  Rose manner!
You never see the Rose LPs these days…. they seem all to be gone…. I found only two in australia in january…. and I was really lucky with that!


Jon Rose  & Martin Wesley Smith – Tango

a very obscure one…. a very early computer music attempt… + Rose….. insane….

never seen this one before!!!  with some amazing pictures in the booklet….;))


Jon Rose – solo violin improvisations on fringe benefit of course….

oen of the most amazing documents of Rose ever, ever, ever!!! fantastic music and rare like hell these days. this  is to GET!!! Im very happy to find this 2nd copy… rare and amazing music and great glued-on artwork

highly recommded!!!


Neighbours – ACCENTS w Fred Anderson!!!

this is an austrian vinyl bomb!!! a very rare LP w the legend Fred Anderson in great shape!!! in company of great trumpteer Billy Brimfield. very goooooooooood and quite quite rare……………… this one will go fast….

absolutely EVERYTHING w Fred Anderson is worth having.. and this one is one of the rarest in his discography!!!!!!



and now…. TWO joe harriott BOMBS….. joe harriott is the MAN!!!! check him out and u will wanna buy his whole discography! or trade for it……

Joe Harriott quintet – SWINGS HIGH on Melodisc

this lp is FANTASTIC! one of the best of harriotts…. with the mighty Phil Seaman on drums…. this is the cream of british jazz. fur sure! this Lp is in great shape – plays beautiful!

rare of course….. but REALLY REALLY worth getting….. the highest possible recomendations. hard core be bop and open….. this is the so called SHIT!!!! ;))


Joe Harriott – Blue Harriott   7″ on british columbia

what a cover! what music! what rarity….. this is something!!!!  wild and beautiful….

one small damage on the front of the cover… a split… but record is good and the rest of the cover as well…. amazing ep… amazing… amazing…. I have seen it very few times….

TRADED — of course…..




so, thats it for now.. good luck with offers.

peace & all fire…. “one doctor per day cant keep the vinyl away”… or ??? how was it ???

anyway — good luck //// mats g