Mar.01, 2011

Back from Ethiopia!!!

9 days w the EX & Paal Nilssen – Love,  in Addis and Debre Berhan…. playing every day, concerts, school concerts, workshops and recordings w amazing…. insaneley AMAZING ethiopian musicians, Getatchew Mekuria ( the one and only….), Chalachew Ashenafi, Mesele Asmamaw, Mesale Legesse, Endress and many many more!!! and dancers out of this world…. thanx Melaku Belay – for showing how things can be MOVED!!!

FENDIKA — the most amazing club in the world???? for sure!!!!!

an experience that goes beyond it all….. beyond…. the music, the people , the culture….all FANTASTIC!

( and I got a killin 7″ of ethiopian music: tilahoun gessesse : tchuheten bitsemu )

but looking for vinyl and stuff was very secondary this time…. first time that happened! ;))

and shitloads of ethiopian casettes…amazing….amazing…..

there is a lot documented on tape, files,  video tape and photos… be prepared for releases in the future!

and be prepared for many many more collaborations in the future… in Europe, in Ethiopia and elsewhere.. this is the beginning!

THANK YOU THE EX!!!!!  ———-      have a great tour in the US!