the best vinyl finds of 2010

Dec.29, 2010

there is a lot a LOT of great vinylfinds this year…. just wanted to take the chance before the new year hits, to tell, to inform, to amuse… with some mentions:

especially fantastic finds were:

– a 7″ with art blakey jazz messengers w jerome richardson on baritone, produced by a church in the US (!!!) – insane and out of control!!! extremely rare….

– han bennink & willem breuker – ICP 001 with a 1968 collage by bennink… just beautiful!

– les echanges by rolf lieberman & george gruntz with pierre favre ( 7″) – WILD!!!!

-Free jazz by Guido Manusardi and rumanian musicians on electrocord (10″)… just fantastic music! KILLIN!!!!

– the original of Monk plays the music of Duke Ellington, with the first beautiful cover… such music is beyond it all…..

– the very first pressing of Topograhy of the Lungs with Derek Bailey, Evan Parker and Han Bennink with the original amazing insert by Evan Parker… that text ROCKS!!! and the music must be one of the most amazing documents of european improvised music EVER!!!!!

and…. the bomb of the bombs… recieving in a parcel from Russia the 28th dec…!!!!!!!!!!

a record I didnt even knew about. Evan Parker told me about this Lp while we were rehearsing in Krakow in november with the Barry Guy New Orchestra… and is confirming the line up of this AMAZING session!!!

Manfred Schoof Quintet :

Manfred Schoof – trumpet

Evan Parker – tenor sax

Alex von Schlippenbach – piano

Buschi Niebergall – bass

Han Bennink – drums

recorded in Warsaw 1967 on the Polish Muza label…. playing Sonny Rollins OLEO!!!!

and its just…. FUCKIN FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! OVER THE FREAKIN TOP GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW EARS!!!!!!!!! /////// all the best  / peace & fire / mg