Lars Lystedt in Zurich 1967

Apr.10, 2012


17 internationales amateur jazz festival Zürich 1967, Ex Libris GC 400,  33 1/3 rpm (SUI), 1967


very  rare swiss anthology LP

This record consists of a variety of international amateur jazz tracks, some good some bad… but with ONE killer track….. with the legendary Lars Lystedt Unit… including the Swedish maestros Berndt Egerbladh on piano, Sten Öberg on drums and the ”Warewolf” from Saxnäs on alto sax : Lars Göran Ulander! Playing a Charles Lloyd composition in a super swingin and loose and warm take… amazing!!!

Lystedt is keeping the ship upside and moving and Ulander is taking off like a frenetic Lappish mosquito, finding his piercing lines of beauty, while Öberg is swinging madly.

The balance in this group is quite unique, free and open but always keeping it together.

This Umeå based group was way ahead musically early on… under the leadership of trombone player Lars Lystedt (that is still kickin butts in Umeå , way up north in Scandinavia) – drawing a lot of inspiration form the early groups of Charlie Mingus.

Egerbladh later made a career at the Televison and writing an amazing number of tunes and working in different context. Ulander is one of the best hidden secrets of European jazz and that goes for Öberg as well… in the Lystedt group everything came together.

Amazing super fluent and transparent solo by Ulander!!!!!


Lars Lystedt – trombone

Lars Göran Ulander – alto sax

Berndt Egerbladh – piano

Ray Carlsson – bass ?

Sten Öberg – drums


NB  — the rating is only for the lystedt track: