Apr.09, 2012



Extremely rare LP, 99 copies?

here it is… not many people have even seen it : CYBERNETIC SERENDEPITY MUSIC!

Music recorded at a gathering of computer based music at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in 1968, Music composed with the assistance of Computers.

A variety of composers trying to use the computer as a tool for creating contemporary music,with  various levels of success. But all in all its VERY interesting document of a historical past with an amazing level of positive research.

The one track that draws the most attention is without doubt the track where  master improvisor  Derek Bailey is teaming up with master improvisor Evan Parker on record, for the first time (?). Also joined by the great Gavin Bryars (member of the mysterious and classic Joseph Holbrooke Trio with Bailey and with some very interesting  compositional sucess later on). Composer Herbert Brun, that Bryars got in touch with in the US prior to this recording, set up a composed piece with an alternative system of notation based on quarter tone tunings and extended rhythmic formulae.

The Music is spectacular!

Killin cover and  just an amazing overall feel to this rare piece of vinyl!


Herbert Brun – composition

Evan Parker  – soprano sax

Derek Bailey – guitar

Richard Howe- french horn

Gavin Bryars – bass

Bernard Rands – czimbalum