Derek Bailey – One music Ens.

Apr.09, 2012



Exteremely rare UK LP, 99 copies


This is one of the holy grails of European improvised music! And especially in the extensive Derek Bailey Discography, the others three being Cybernetic Serendepity Music, Basil Kirchin´s Worlds within worlds and of course the Incus Taps, The reel –to – reel tapes that was made on demand for a very short period by Derek himself.


The Nondo LP was made in only 99 copies in 1974 with solo music by Derek Bailey , recorded in 1973 , and with the label owner David Panton on the B – side, playing a variety of instruments.

It was quite common in the UK that records on smaller label were pressed in 99 copies only. This is because of the PRS regulations, the rules of the british copyright bureau, in order to avoid paying copyrights and taxes for the record, it was made in a run below 100 copies!


This music is something else! Very different form Bailey´s other productions from this time,  with his extreme  use of feedback… and the way he controls the feedback, how he makes music with every twist of the angle of his electric (!) guitar. This LP is woooooooorth looking for! It came in a variety of covers… always the yellow paper with it paper flip construction, but with different prints on top. We are showing two different versions here.



Derek Bailey – guitar


David Panton – piano, alto sax, perc, radio, oboe etc