Top 5 Albums For A Teenage Degenerate

Apr.02, 2012

Top 5 Albums For A Teenage Degenerate

By Spencer Grady (Padang Food Tigers/Record Collector magazine)


Misfits – Walk Among Us (Ruby)

Back cover pic convinced me I needed to grow myself a devilock pronto. Danzig’s lyrics helped me to revaluate the rigidity of the English language. Best punk album ever.


Celtic Frost – Into The Pandemonium (Noise International)

Thrash opus full of opera and drum machines with death grunts galore. Changing my name to Tom G Warrior seemed a distinct possibility until my Mum’s rash intervention stole the dream.


Butthole Surfers – Hairway To Steven (Blast First)

Blast First could almost do no wrong. This classic was my first buy from the imprint. Lewd drawings substitute for song-titles with subsequent investigations revealed a specific wiggle-on for Jimi and I Saw An X-Ray Of A Girl Passing Gas.


Savage Pencil Presents Angel Dust: Music For Movie Bikers (Blast First)

Assorted mechanised maniacs plague small town America on the most alluring picture disc ever. Paul Wibier’s Satan was a Grady family staple throughout those tricky late teens


Killdozer – 12 Point Buck (Blast First)

Stag on the sleeve is fucking immense. Those inlay bake-off recipes are pretty darn appetising. Songs check the names of Flannery O’Connor and Irwin Allen. Killdozer’s own Michael Gerald sums it up, “Awesome. Yeah, man, it blew me away.”


Spencer Grady, London, april 2012