SAM BELLO – black x-mas

Feb.14, 2012

SAM BELLO – Black Christmas, AAAA 1004, 45 rpm (FRA) 197?


Rare french 7”

Another mighty x- mas soundtrack! This little x-mas jewel is featuring the one-and-only Archie Shepp!!! And in goooood form… the saxtone is as always just under-your-skin-up-in-yr-face… no one else can produce such sounds from the tenor.

But this is a different enviroment for Shepp…  and I love it!

Hi life afro jazz rhythms and action… sheep is flying on top of it all… a free bird…

B -side is instrumental with Shepp taking off, lots of space for the fire music tenor!

Rare to find piece-of-vinyl…

Sam Bello and his men is making the music swing and with the addition of the image on the front jacket this artifact is just the BEST! No Rudolph… but some of his friends from down south! What more can u wish for?

SHEPP is the MAN!


Sam Bello – vocal and guitar

Ekoko – percussion and vocal

Nlomo “Tiger” Jean Claude – lead guitar and vocals

Raymond Dumbe – bass

Di – zan fils- drums, percussion and vocal

Marie Moor – vocals

Curly Drum – vocals

Archie Shepp – tenor sax