Ornette Coleman – Man on the Moon

Feb.08, 2012

Ornette Coleman – Man on the Moon, EMI/Pathe Marconi C006-90643, 45 rpm (FRA) 1969

very rare french only edition w picture sleeve



This is something to look for, something to have, something to love and to listen to.

AMAZING music with the quintet of all times: Ornette, Dewey Redman, Don Cherry, Charlie Haden and Ed Blackwell!!!

This amazing unit is in its PEAK! the uptempo Man on the Moon on the A -side followed by beautiful short ballad Growing up on the flip side. Man on  the Moon has some extremely interesting live electronic activity by Emanuel Ghent – totally ROCKIN! Music doesnt get better then this…

Recorded in July 1969 at Ornette´s last session for Impule…(the US impulse 7″ version shows up as a promo from time to time… but the French original version is the ONE to get) — future music for all!

The image on the front with Ornette playing his classic Grafton plastic alto makes me just smile and wanna dance!

a MUST have!!!!


Ornette Coleman – alto sax

Dewey Redman – tenor sax

Don Cherry – trumpet

Charlie Haden – bass

Ed Blackwell – drums