Feb.07, 2012


CALIGULAS BARN  – Pryl 1, 45 rpm (SWE) 1981


500 pressed, but only 300 survived when rehearsal spece was taken down…



A classic punk single from the amazing Caligulas Barn from Umeå / Holmsund. Hitting it hard… and still , after 30 years, two of the members ( Kollberg and Westin) are still active together in Umeå, in the asskickin The Most!

The beginning of the 80´s was an extremely vibrant time in Umeå with very many active groups experimenting with new forms for music (and politics), both within jazz and rock/ punk.

Years before the HC – scene was hitting Umeå hard with groups like Refused and related.

Caligulas Barm, Anders Ångest and The Sämst were among the most creative and pulverizing combos.

”Askungen” – classic!


Magnus Kollberg . guitar, bass and vocal

Erik Levander –  guitar, bass and vocal

Mats Westin – drums



Watch THE MOST, new video with KILLIN music:



The great cover is made by the mighty Edward Jarvis.