Mar.21, 2018

TRADES april 2018


finally —NEW VINYL TRADE LIST of RARE VINYLS IS UP — it has been a hectic winter —  but we found some HEAVY objects for YOU to digest!

please check the list out and hit us with your best trade offer at:



Van Prince and orchestra – adlon hully gully, Adlon (DEN)  7”

Funky soul jazz – party music! Rare and beautiful and very sought after 7”!

With the great Sahib Shihab on baritone sax – playing an amazing solo! KILLER!

The crop of the Danish jazz scene playing on this non profit special release!

Palle Mikkelborg, William Schiöpffe and others! DIG?

Rare and great!






Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) – Kalahari  7”, Gallo  (SA)

Amazing 45 with the great South African pianist and composer Abdullah Ibrahim on a rare South African 7”. 1974 release with some great solos and arrangements —– of the beautiful classic Dollar Brand anthem Kalahari.

Rare object and worth having for everyone into South African jazz in general and Dollar Brand in particular!


VG+  / NAC






LILIPUT,  Split – rough trade, 7” (UK)

Swiss art – experimental pop group . great music – rare 2nd press on

UK based Rough trade.

The 1st press is on a swiss private label is just impossible to find.

This is rare enough – and great and very creative music!

Great condition of vinyl and just some wrinkles and slight wear + a small rip on left bottom corner .


VG++ / VG




Hans Reichel – Table of the elements, 7” (USA)

Fantastic release.

Green cover – green vinyl released on the design pioneering label Table of the Elements.

Daxophone solo record from 1993. Killer music – a MUST have and getting quite rare to find nowadays. Limited edition.

Strong recommendation!


VG++/ VG ++





The Coxhill / Bedford duo – Pretty little girl, Polydor 7” (UK)

An odd one. A 1971 release from the mind and hands of the great and late Lol Coxhill.

We need to be many more Coxhill completists in this world.

The work of Lol Coxhill … is … beyond description!

Always fantastic. Always different!

VG+ / VG (company sleeve w wrinkles and small rip)





Sunny Murray – S´s time now – DIW 7” (JAP)

An unreleased track from the classic Jihad session of Sunny Murray.

One sided EP – with the track “The Lie”

Absolute CLASSIC!!!!! Albert Ayler…. Don Cherry….

What else do you need? This is as good as it gets!

Highest possible recommendations! INYOURFACE free jazz of highest beauty!

Hard to find now – originally only sold together with the original Japanese pressing of the Jihad LP as a bonus. But sometimes you find the 45 separate, like this copy.






Sven  Åke Johansson – Schlingerland SAJ 01 ( GER)

Absolute classic record. KILLER cover – and KILLER music.

One of the best and most creative albums ever made on the European scene of free music. A BOMB!

Marvellous drum solo activities. Pioneering solo drums. Sensational 1972 recording from Stockholm.

This is the true 1st press with the amazing silk screen cover in perfect condition.

Very rare!!!!!!!!







Göteborgs Musikkvartett – Aftara, LIM,  (SWE)

Amazing Swedish free jazz recorded 1975. KILLER playing ´by the late and great Ove Johansson! His tenor sax is on FIRE!

2 sax lead 4tet — wild and free!

Longer freer improvisation in a style inspired by the best American free jazz.

Great flow – great energy! Fantastic music.

Getting rare to find… and it is really worth looking for!

Vinyl in great condition – cover shows just a little wear. vg ++





Itaru Oki- genso note, offbeat (JAP)

Amazing Japanese free jazz album, led by the great trumpet player Itaru Oki!

Amazing cello playing be Keiki Midorikawa (known for his many collaborations with guitar maestro Takayanagi!). Great playing over the whole record.

Really great flow and an amazing sense of details.

1975 recording that features some really creative sax playing by Yoshiaki Fujikawa!!!

Great album. NO obi, but with insert

Vinyl in great condition. Cover shows a little bit of wear on front.

VG++ / VG ++




Birdyak – aberration, Klinker Zounds, (UK)

Amazingly weird and amazingly GREAT improvised music!

1988 1st release of this magnificent album.

Absolute classic in our world!
The one and only Hugh Metcalfe in top form together with concrete poetry artist Bob Cobbing!

It is wild… it is insane… and it is GREAT!

Special guest appearance by the late and great Lol Coxhill – turning the temperature up even more.

KILLLER stuff!

NM/ VG++





Lars Gunnar Bodin – Bengt –Emil Johnson, semikolon,  SR ( SWE)

An absolute must have! A pioneering “Hörspiel” by two of the greatest Swedish composers all time: Bodin and Johnson!

Original 1966 1st press on Seriges Radio Förlag.

Originally created as a 6 part radio series in 1965, and released in 1966 by Sveriges Radio. This is the first LP recording by either of these composers. Recorded at EMS (Elektron Musik Studion), the newly established studio facility at Swedish Radio. This pioneering work did not easily fit in any category that existed at the time. Inspired by the work of Öyvind Fahlström (who was a pioneer of concrete poetry along with the Lettrists and Futurists), a few young Swedish artists began exploring new text based experiments. The only other artist releasing records of similar soundworks at this early time in Sweden was Åke Hodell who had released two 7” singles.
These Swedish sound poets differ in style from their other European counterparts mainly due to their easy access to the high quality facilities available at EMS, with its own in house engineers and sophisticated studio equipment. Given the close relationship at that time between EMS and the national Swedish radio station, their works often have a strong narrative (radio art) quality. Semikolon is one such work.

Highest possible recommendations!





Lars- Göran Ulander / Per Henrik Wallin / Peter Olsen – The new figaro, Dragon (SWE)

Absolute essential free jazz! No prisoners… and just full of intricate interplay and high energy turns and twists!!

Absolute killer album.

Live recording from 1975.

Not so rare – but absolutely FANTASTIC music!

The sax and piano interaction is beyond goooooood!

VG++ / VG+




Circle 1 & 2 , CBS/ Sony  (JAP)

Classic super group w Braxton, Corea, Holland and Altschul. Absolute essential.

Freedom and power and fire!

Extreme sense of detail and form and interaction on the highest level possible.

Just overthetop GREAT!!!

This is as good as it gets – when it comes to free music and musical communication.

Every player is at their best! Short lived group that made some totally essential albums!

This is the 1971 1st press on japanese CBS/ Sony.  This is the original 2 volumes sold/ traded together. GREAT studio recording and just ground braking music!!!

VG++/ VG++  & VG++ / VG ++




Guitar solos 3 -, rift (UK)

A totally face melting collection of guitar solos. Compiled by Fred Frith.

Amazing and unusal contributions from Henry Kaiser, Peter Cusack, Keith Rowe, Chadbourne, Davey Williams and others.

Abslutely mindbending quality of the music! And extremely interesting to hear that many different takes on how to use a guitar.

Highest recommendations!!!!

VG++/ VG++






Marion Brown Quartet, Live at Funkhaus, Qbico (ITA)

Bootleg album with the music of the great Marion Brown.

Killer sax record!!! We LOVE the sax playing of Marion Brown – one of the greatest free jazz players emerging from the US in the 60s.

1977 recording that got released as a boot on Qbico some years ago. As always w Qbico extremely limited edition.

unplayed copy.

M/ M



Mario Schiano – Concerto della statale, ECP – (ITA)

Killer free jazz from 1975 with legend and Italian sax maestro Schiano.

ALL Schiano records are worth having… some are utterly strange… some are utterly great – this is killer music! Straight ahead free jazz blow out!

Great trio recording and a perfect introduction to Schianos music and legacy!

VG++ / VG++




Michael Gregory Jackson – Clarity , Bija (USA)

Killer line up with free jazz icons Leo Smith and David Murray in top form.

An unusual album though… very lyrical at parts and intricate compositions by Jackson.

GREAT acoustic guitar playing  and a really great album. Surprising vocal entries and very unusal arangements.

Oliver lake…  Oliver Lake…. Oliver Lake…. We say no more!

An odd release of extreme interest!!!


VG++ / VG++



Pierre Favre Trio – Santana – Pip (SUI)

CLASSIC beast of a free jazz anthem!

Absolute necessary album with three GIANTS of European free jazz: Irene Schweizer, Peter Kowald and leader Pierre Favre on drums!

1968 recording of some pioneering works.

Extremely great music. Interaction on highest levels. Monstrous piano trio!

Rare  and early free jazz album, 1st press on Swiss label PIP  in good condition. Vinyl sounds great and cover show just a tiny bit of wear.

VG++ / VG+



Fred Anderson/ Neighbours,- Accents,  musicians rec co – (GER)

1978 recording of some really great free jazz interaction.

Chicago legend Fred Anderson in great form, leading the music – playing some beautiful songs together w ao. trumpeter Billy Brimfield.

Great album — beautiful all over.


Getting rare…

VG++/ VG++




ARAC- constellation, arac (SWE) 7”

Extremely rare 45… with some killer Swedish jazz activities!

Very sough after – just NEVER shows up. Really really rare…

Produced on small local label Arac from northern Sweden.

Bertil Strandberg leading things.

Some amazing drum action from legend Sten Öberg (always the best !!!!)

This copy is pretty beaten…. BUT because of its rarity…. It needs to be included in ANY serious jazz vinyl record collection!!!

Vinyl has background noise and some crackling- but nothing really bad. The cover is heavy wrinkled and not in perfect shape….





Pistolteatern / Staffan Olzon/ Pi LInd . . Sveriges Radio (SWE)

Legendary project recorded in collaboration between the Swedish broadcasting corporation and the classic Pistolteatern in Stockholm  in ….

A very surprising and inspirational “hörspiel”. Staffan Olzon – one of the best hidden secrets on the conceptual art and theatre scene. Hilarious!!!

Beautiful splatter (!) vinyl in company sleeve.


VG++ / NAC



AR Penck w. Frank Wright  Be cool in Munich part 2 – private edition  (GER)

Very rare and killer music content.

Check the line up!! Frank Wright, Butch Morris, Billy Bang, Dennis Charles, Phil Minton…. Fantastic!

Another one of AR Pencks audio projects – hiring amazing free jazz musicians to collaborate and record with himself.

This album has some extremely great moments and it is of course always a joy to hear Frank Wright in ANY context and situation.


M/ M





Charlie Mingus – The Clown – Atlantic  (DEN)

Danish pressing of this mega classic album. For the Mingus completist!

Music goes without saying –  being one of Mingus´s absolute most important albums.

Sound is great on this early 60´s pressing.

Musically the highest possible recommendations!!!

VG++ / VG ++






Joe McPhee and others – Brother to Brother – yokefree (USA)

One of the most obscure and FANTASTIC albums ever produced in the US: we kid u NOT!!!! The first and only release of this 1971 monster!

Joe McPhee playing recorder together with an electric piano and chickens (!)….

Read more about the album here:

brother to brother


It used to be a holy grail…. And very very few copies ever showed… but after the passing of the producer a box of records floated. Still… the total edition is under 100 copies…

And instead of 4 digit numbers… it is now down at 3 digits value…. Slowly again approaching the 4 digits. Of course…just very RARE!

Since this is a stock copy from that box mention above and STILL SEALED (!) we need serious offers only!

Absolut fantastic and utterly bizarre album – a MUST HAVE!!!

M/ M



Jimmy Woode- The colorful Strings of JW – Argo (USA)

Fantastic session. A quite unknown album filled w amazing music!

Paul Gonsalves in top form! Absolutely fantastic playing here from Gonsalves and Jimmy Woode himself.

Duke related music and musicians with absolute marvellous playing by Clark Terry!

Really great album from the beginning to the end.

1st press in great condition! Killer jazz – killer cover!

Strong recommendations!!

Small tears of paper gone on lover end of front cover otherwise in great condition.

VG++ / VG ++



Fred Frith – Live in Japan Vol 1 & 2 (JAP)

Fantastic solo guitar outing!

Mindblowing  and just beautiful! Intricate music full of detail. A masterpiece of color, energy and creative layers!

Everything with these two albums are great – music, cover and content.


One of our all time favorite guitar solo albums by legend Frith!!!



VG++ / VG ++  &   VG++ / VG++



and the BOMB!!!!!!! we are very PROUD to present:

SUN RA & The Qualiaties— SATUR records!!


this is rare beyond the understandable….

and the music is OVERTHETOP fantastic — one of our all time fav´s — ALL genres!

this is what u need to be able to ecelbrate x- mas, new years and LIFE properly!



STOCK COPY!!! never ever played….