Jun.18, 2016


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Sun Ra  with Yochanan – the space age vocalist – Saturn 4237         7”

”M uck  M uck”

a real classic Sun Ra 7”…. Completely mindblowing. One of the most bizarre and amazing recordings of Ra on the migt Saturn label.

Original first pressing on gold label. With the original gap between ”M” and ”uck”.

No art cover ever made.

Plays much better then it looks. No skips or pops. Absolutely rare – and absolutey fantastic! No other band can swing like the arkestra… and no other band has such creative tuning – on ALL levels.

A mythical saturn release! Fantastic!


VG-  / NAC



Lasse Gullin – Get started             polydor   7”

Together with the Jutta Hipp/ Lars Gullin 45 the rarest of all Gullin EPs.

And an amazingly great and early Gullin in a very solid quartet setting.

We have seen very few of this album ever. Extremely rare!!!

Vinyl is very nice condition and the cover has

2 split seams – 2 -3 cm on two sides, small stain on front.

Totally essential Gullin material!


VG++ /  VG –





Jan Johansson  Trio – mäster Johansgatan 12 megafon   7”

Amazing  piano trio music. a true classic! Vinyl in great shape and cover as well, just one corner has a section where a sticker was taken away. Really great music w a very inspired Johansson hitting the piano with his poetic and very distinct right hand. Highly recommedable!


NM / VG+



Bryon Gysin ”junk”             mosquito      7”

A very rare EP. Unknown to the most. And a MUST for any Gysin or Don Cherry completist!

Don Cherry as always….amazing. adding his poetry to one of the greatest poets and artists of our time: Bryon Gysin! Record looks unlayed.

In our world… all men and women should be Don Cherry completists…





Charles Brackeen – ”Rhythm X”               Strata East   LP

A total killer album w the original group of Ornette Coleman! But without Ornette and  with the great Charles Bracken playing the tenor sax! Absolute monster!

A VERY overseen and underrated sax player. Totally beautiful tone and very imaginative playing over the whole album.

THis release is part of the Clifford Jordan Eric Dolphy Series on the great Stata East label.

Ed Blackwell, Charlie Haden and Don Cherry makes this record a true masterpiece.

Getting hard to find these days. Highest possible recomendations!


VG++ / VG ++



Tomasz Stanko Quintet  ”Plastic Sun”                Calig LP

A rare and great album by Polish trumpet maestro Stanko! On the great and inventive German label  Calig.

Great group playing and phenonemal trumpet playing the whole way.

Rare! And one of the best Stanko albums ever!


NM/ VG ++





Evan Parker – saxophone solos               Incus 19  LP

White label , 1st press.

An insane album of pure beauty! Pioneering material and truly masterfully executed!

This is one of the strongest solo albums ever made.

Evan Parker in amazing form making the impossible possible… in a very convincing way.

A MUST HAVE – not just for sax players.

This music will chnage the way you look at music … and the world as it is.

Vinyl looks unplayed. ( which is VERY strange to us…. )


NM / VG ++



Dollar Brand Trio – anatomy of a south african village          fontana LP

Great earaly trio album by Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand).

Great interaction and amazing materials. ALL early Ibrahim records is a MUST!

It swings. It swings. It swings… and the south african vibe is all over this one. In the BEST possible way!

We can only SMILE!

One slightly bent corner on cover.. one faded stain, but vinyl is in very excellent condition.


NM / VG +







SUNNY MURRAY spiritual ensemble                   bootleg LP

With the mighty Arthur Jones – one of the most underrated saxplayers in the free jazz world! In company of two great bassplayers + guitar and the one and only Sunny Murray. A  rare italian bootleg that will likely not show up every day at your local store.

Limited edition of 25 copies (!) . recorded 1971.

This is 5 / 25


M/ M



Lars Lystedt Quintet  ” live Umeå 1964”                        Dragon LP

An absolute killer of a record. Fantastic jazz combo from the beautiful northern Swedish town of Umeå!

With free jazz solos on alto sax by the legendary Lars – Göran Ulander. The warewulf from Saxnäs! For sure one of the most creative saxplayers to ever have emerged from Scandinavia. WILD!

Music is quite Mingus – ish… but the alto sax and the drums make it a whole other affair!

Essential! Getting more and more rare as we speak .


NM/ VG++






Eric Dolphy  ”The Uppsala Concert Vol 1”        marshmallow LP

Picture disc! – when did you see a jazz picture disc lately ?

This is the one! This is the one to get!

Dolphy in amazing  form. Unbelievable alto sax and bass clarinet playing. Mindblowing! With local rhythm section doing a great job! Official japanese release. Extreme quality of vinyl and cover and all. a dream of an album.

Nr 621/ 999 limited edition



M/ M




Dieter Scherf Trio          ”inside – outside reflections”           private label LP

One of the classics of rare europen free jazz records. Saxophonist Scherf hitting it all. Through the roof and more.

A GREAT and very underrated player and improviser. In the greatest company  of masterdrummer Paul Lovens! A young Lovens (24 years young) contributing with a unique composition: Drum Und Dran !!!

This album is an all time fav! And an asbolute MUST have!

Very rare. In all the years of searching for rare improvised music records… we have seen this record for sale only 2 times…


NM/ VG++







2 Internationales new jazz meeting aug burg altena   JG records LP

This is it.

This is the bomb.

This is the one that never shows.  I ve seen only two copies ever. JG records mania. That label did their records in such small quantities. BUT, the content on those releases….. HOLY SHIT! They all RULE!!! And they are all extremely RARE!

But you need them all… that is how it works.
beacuse this particular one has a track (a whole beautiful LP side) by the classic Peter Brötzmann Trio w Van Hove and Bennink that will make your days and nights shine ultra bright, that will make your mind implode, that will make your lp collection looks like pure MAGIC, that will make your life just … beautiful (if you own it )!

The brötzmann track is  – in our taste – the best Peter Brötzmann ever on vinyl!!! EVER!!! WE KID U NOT!

This is brutal, high energy, super rad interaction – BEAUTY!

This is as good as it gets!

And the rest of this 2 lp set is also extremely great and full of creative music:

Seite 1: Peter Brötzmann Trio

Seite 2: Alan Skidmore Quintet & Mike Osborne

Seite 3: Thomasz Stanko Quintet + New Jazz Ensemble `71 & Karin Krog

Seite4:  Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet & The Trio + John Surman, Barre Phillips, Stu Martin

EXTREMELY RARE! Maybe the rarest of ALL  brötzmann releases —- and the BEST!!!!

Be quick with trade suggestions – or this one will soon be GONE GONE GONE!


NM/ VG++



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