May.11, 2016

UPDATES may 2016.


Finally time again…. A new update of trades! sorry being away for a bit…. to much touring and lookin for more vinyls…..

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Meanwhile – check the new trade list out: some CLASSICS! And classics to be!



Cecil Taylor – akisakila – TRIO


One of the most amazing documents of the powerful CT 3…. The classic trio. Perhaps the most classic of any of Taylors groups. Transcendental communication.

Just an insane free flow of detailed energy!

Maybe my favorite cecil vinyl of them all (!).

Beautiful gatefold sleeve.

Wild interactive free jazz blow out!


All in great condition. Looks like never played. with seldom seen obi.








Albert Ayler – Bells – ESP


Everything with this record makes me smile.

The music, the cover, the vinyl, the silk screen print…and all of the variations that exists of this amazing LP! Very very collectible since many different colors of the vinyl exists… and as well many different versions of the cover. All different colors!  Musically – one of the strongest vinyls ever in the free jazz history. We kid u not. Ayler is RIPPING!

Great condition. The version is the classic black cover with yellow silk screen print and with the with white transparent vinyl with a red screen print.

Beautiful…. Just beautiful . a MUST have.

This is the original pressing, the 1st one.

But there is also a pre press…. That was made in about 50 copies. We have only seen 5 copies of that one the last 20 years. And the price of the pre press is just beyond sanity…



VG+ / VG +






Urban Hansson – Emphasis on Jazz, Dragon

Classic to be!

A totally mindblowing LP that is becoming rare to find these days. It has one of the earliest abstract free improv sax / drum duets ever recorded in Sweden! The rest of the album is a wonderful variation of different takes on what jazz is or could be. Beautiful arrangements and solo activities. Contemporary jazz, mainstream and abstract improv… all mixed together on a fantastic LP that blow our minds!








Dewey Redman – look for a black star – fontana



Free jazz with the mighty Dewey Redman in great form. A still very underrated tenor saxplayer that is at his best on this piece of an amazing vinyl.

With sensational drumming from eddie mooore! This lp SWINGS!

And the tenor tone of redman can melt minds and civilizations, as we know them. The Redman trademarked vocalizations made on this record are just SCARY!

Redman is taking his experiences of working with Ornette and making something highly unique with it all.

Recomended!!! Strong first press.


VG + / VG +


SORRY – TRADED! may 11th





Trond Botnen w Svein Finnerud  – Multimal – polydor ( NOR)


CLASSIC to be!

The sensational Svein Finnerud Trio is one of the most important but still rather unknown units of Norwegian freer music. and this is for sure the most unknown lp in their recorded legacy, of all their recorded documents. Together here with the amazing sax player and free mind of Calle Neumann and poet Trond Botnen. Seriously amazing jazz & poetry project that really interacts. And a record that NEVER shows up these days.

Music is a KILLER!

and a really rare item… .never sold on eBAy…..

Very rare to find in any condition!!!


VG + / VG


SORRY – TRADED!!!! may 15th






Peter Kowald – duos – FMP


A very rare 3 lp set with Peter Kowald – the legend! In a huge numbers of duets – with musicians from Europa, America and USA.

Absolute TOP NOTCH music!

All you need for a Blindfold evening with yr friends!

Andrew Cyrille, Brötzmann, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker…. The list of duo partners are just amazing!

Highest possible recomendation!

Very rare to find. Made in a very small number. A very small edition of the box included an artwork by Kowald. But to find that edition…. Is just impossible.

So this is the original 1st edition box with the beautifully packaged 3 lps. A MUST HAVE!









Bengt Ernryd – Musik – magnum

A CLASSIC to be!

Very early jazz experiment from the swedish mastermind and trumpeter Bengt Ernryd!

Graphic scores and odd arrangements and a genius cover makes this LP an absolute favorite and a must have.

One of very few documented  free jazz projects from the 60´s in Sweden.

Absolute KILLING!

Amazing playing all along. Bengt´s  interacting deep with musiacians like  Ivan Oscarsson and  Gösta Wälivaara.


VG++ / NM


SORRY _ TRADED!!! may 15th








Don Cherry  BLUE LAKE – BYG ( JAP)


Astonashing 1st pressing of this mighty musical bomb . the original  japanese edition.

Maestro Don Cherry together with Johnny Dyani and Okay Temiz. Amazing trio interaction and overthetop beautiful playing of Cherry. World music as it should be. Open, free and using elements from all over and melting it together . South African Turkish, American, African, Indian and Scandinavian elements freely improvised in an open groop setting.

Beautiful 2 lp set with fold out cover.









Steve Lacy & Masahiko Togashi – eternal duo – paddle wheel

Original japanese press of an extremly interesting meeting between two masters of improvised music.

Lacy in excellent form, playing lots of abstract beauty here.

Japanese only LP that is becoming really hard to find. Great recording.



VG++/ VG ++





Pierre Henry – mise en musique  du corticalart –  philips perspectives serie



Monstrous album with Henry treating and mistreating the Buchla synt and related matters…. In open extreme forms that sounds more like free improvised music then anything else. Whatever you call it…. It is completely mindblowing!!!

There are two ”corticalart” lps in this serie…. They are both absolutely esential to have.

They will both absolutely and for sure BLOW YOUR MIND!

Very rare to find in any condition these days. A MUST!


VG+ / VG (+)







Mount Everest Trio – waves from Albert Ayler –  LIM

CLASSIC free jazz hip shit!

This record is on my all time favorites of creatve free jazz. Swede Gilbert Holmström blowing all doubts away ( if there ever were any…. )  and masterful kickass drumming of the late and great Conny Sjökvist. This amazing album was reissued on CD by Unheard Music / atavistic years ago….. But this is the real thing! The 1st press of an absolute classic scandinavian jazz record. No joke — this  one is pure MAGIC!

It swings. It ROCKS! It RULES!

And the bandphoto on the front cover is just the most amazing one anytime! Only to compete w the classic Ramones album!


VG++ / VG +

SORRY! TRADED may 11th.







Polly Bradfiled & Eugene Chadbourne – Torture time

Another classic….

Free improvised music interaction doesnt get better and more extreme then this.

The mighty mighty Polly Bradfield on violin and master Chadbourne in EPIC form.

They are taking the music the whole way….. the whole way…. No return.

We LOVE this record. You can only smile and play again and again when u hear it.

Amazing interaction. Amazing cover. And one of the best titles ever for a music of free improvised music.

Highest possible recomendations. And in perfect condition.


VG++/ NM


SORRY – TRADED may 15th







Sun Ra – the bridge – saturn 7” ( testpress ? )

Classic RA 45! Music is insane. Insanely good.

One sided monster rarity. Made in early 80´s ?

Rare to find these days- but not as rare as the early gold labeled Saturns.

BUt what can you do ? you need them all!

To collect Sun Ra is a challange. The best challange there is. To become a saturn completist is something else. Makes life different. We recommend you to join this force.

And musically – this one is really and for sure one of the most kickin!



VG ++ / NC






John Coltrane – Ascension –  impulse jukebox 7” – with jukebox sticker


CLASSIC coltrane material.

In the form of a jukebox single!!!

WHO came up with this idea? And WHY ?

But…. It is a very very cool item to have!

Ascension is one of the most amazing pieces of music that Trane ever did. But to put it down, edited on a 7”…. What is THAT ?

We call it MAGIC!

This is a must for any collector of Coltrane and an amazing item in itself.

Beautiful cover including one jukebox sticker for your machine at home.


VG++ / VG



Bob Reid – africa is calling  me

A rather unknown album with some amazing reed playing from master Oliver Lake in excellent form.

A historic overview of slavery and related… in the form of a modern free jazz

”opera”. Some amazing music here and a thrilling libretto.

Rare to find and a really exciting and rare document!


VG+ / VG






Instantcom 002 – ICP


A MUST have… music is beyond… beyond… beyond.

Hard hitting explosions… lyrical interaction… free music poetry.

The tandem team of mengelberg & bennink hitting it DEEP with master sax mind John Tchicai. This is something else!!!

One of the most amazing documents of improvised music ever. We kid you not.

Vinyl in really great shape – 1st press.

ICP is another label where you need to walk the  completist road.


VG++ / VG +






GOOD LUCK WITH IT ALL!!!!! peace & fire — one piece of vinyl per day keep the doctor away………………