october vinyl trades – big update

Sep.28, 2013

time again!

new trades!

it has been a while… heavy touring and related activies… but , good thing is that vinyls has been piling up – and here they are .

vinyls for trade.

the first good offer gets the wanted one(s).

email us at: mats@matsgus.com

with yr best trade offer and we ill get back to as soon as we can.

good luck with the trading – and as always — “one piece pf vinyl per day keeps the doctor away!” or was it two per day?








Chris  McGrgeor  – brotherhood of breath – procession , Ogun LP (UK)


A classic record of South African infused free jazz for large ensemble!

Getting rare these days.

This copy is in pristine condition,

Music is spectacular – with heavy and beautiful contributions by Evan Parker, Dudu Pukwana, Johnny Dyani, Harry Miller, Louis Moholo and others.





Haaz & company – unlawful noise (NL), KGB records


Another well hidden gem from the world of European free music!

This LP doesnt show up that often these days.

Great condition of cover and vinyl.

Mindblowing and soul juggling contributions by Peter Brötzmann, Han Bennink and again Johnny Dyani and Louis Moholo. Dangerous!




Karsten Meinert Kvarett – for you , MS records 1001(DEN)



A so called discaholic bomb….

Truly fantastic modal free jazz with a Danish crew that might blow you away.

A classic vinyl.

Very sought after.

And …. Hold yr horses.

This copy is in MINT condition.

Both cover and vinyl cant be in better shape. Never touched.

Very rare 1st pressing of vinyl in a MINT condition. please note the MS press on blue label IS the 1st press, as well as the red labels.

(we were  contacted the day after the release of this list w additional info about the color of the labels: “the pressing plant ran out of red labels and made the rest of the print on blue labels” – so both are 1st press. and just EXTREMELY rare!!!)

… we dunno why the danes did such small editions of this classic modal jazz album!

the 2nd press is the spectator press on blue spectator labels.

but this is the S**T!!!!

Serious offers only.






Al Shorter – Tes Esat, America (FRA)


Mindblowing free jazz.

Edgy but spiritual playing by some true masters of the game.

Very underrated crew… that can blow you all away in a blink and a grasp.

Alan Shorter blowing his frency on top and extreme sax master Gary Windo taking things away like no one else could!

Johnny Dyani being the glue.


Great condition!







Sun Ra Arkestra – w black Harold and Pharoah Sanders, Saturn IHNY 165(USA)


A bomb…

Very very rare original Saturn release of mythic proportions!

This baby shows up with various covers…  this one with the personel listed on the white jacket. Someone being unsure about the date of the recording… 1964, 1965 or 1968?

And the correct answer is: 1964.

But this baby was not released until 1976!

And check it out!!!

The Arkestra w Sanders…. What more is needed to say.

What more is needed to have?

Very very rare.

Serious trades only!




Marten Altena – papa oewa, claxon (NL)


Legendary album of bass maestro Altena.

Hitting and treating the bass like few humans can/ could.

What makes this album so spectacular is also the fact that the actual album cover does not fit in your shelfs really!

The proportions are wrong… no side is equal!!!

Amazing concept!

And a record u will always notice in yr collection ;))

Great condition and great music.




Chris McGregeor – very urgent , polydor (GER)


Another classic and rare record w heavy South African roots. This LP was impossible to find for a while.

Thank god there are 2 pressings of it. One Uk and one German pressing.

This is the 1st german pressing.

Pristine quality.

Music is what u can excpect!

Completely wild and beautiful.

With the classic blue notes in action.

Amazing playing by Pukwana and tenorist Ronnie Beer!!!!




John Stevens – SME – aka OLIV, marmalade (UK)


A beautiful beautiful vinyl… this is the very rare 1st pressing on the obscure UK  Marmalade label. This pressing is rare…

Very creative music. Sme at its best.

Derek Bailey, Johnny Dyani, Trevor Watts, Maggie Nichols…. What more can u wish for?

Slight ring wear on front cover… but vinyl is in amazing condition.




Alex Riel Trio , Fone PWS 111 (DEN), 10 “ vinyl.


Great 10”  vinyl with a Danish / American creative jazz combo!

Kenny Drew contributing with some of his finest playing.

Great interaction of the two danes Örsted  Pedersen and Riel!

Great piano trio.

Sought after vinyl, that does not show up frequently. Rare.




Karl Berger & company – tune in, milestone (USA)


Rare free jazz album on the mainstream jazz label milestone!

A forgotten gem, that is hard to get your dirty hands on these days.

Fantastic and creative playing by Carlos Ward especially!!!

And the drumming of Ed Blackwell… are just.. overthetop swingin!

Add Dave Holland to the picture and you have an all time classic free jazz album w vibes maestro Karl Berger!

Great condition.





Thomasz Stanko – purple sun, calig (GER)


A totally great jazz / free jazz session by polish trumpet master Stanko!

This 1973 Calig release is rare and well worth looking for.

Check the creative alto sax (!)  playing by  violin player Seifert out. Fantastic!!!!

Please pay close attention to all the great polish jazz records from the 60´s and 70´s…. there are real amazing finds to make!

A well hidden secret of the European jazz scene!

Great condition of vinyl and cover




Pierre Favre Trio – Santana, Pip 1 (SUI)


Very very rare original swiss release of a classic album , later released on FMP.

And what a piano trio!!!!

Irene schweizer and the god father of creative European bass playing; Peter Kowald.

Great condition.

Pierre Favre playing his most creative drumming.

One of our top free records. All time.

And this monster is an early one… right at the time when it all was happening!

KILLIN music of three masters of  the music!






Michael Gregory Jackson – clarity (USA)


A hidden treasure … again.

This music is happening.

Album not being super rare… but super good.

Make sure u pick this one up, before it gets maga rare and sought after.

Innovative playing by all time heroes David Murray and Oliver Lake.

And Leo Smith….. just adding …. Music…. In a way… only he can do!

Great condition of a truly great album

American  improvised jazz of the highest standard!




LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams, Günter Christmann, Torsten Müller – white earth streak, trans museq (USA)


Rare improvised music album w master Christmann breathing and beating the shit out of his trombone  and Americans Smith and Williams contributing with highly innovative playing!

A real find!
this is great improvised music!

Signed by Williams and Smith.

Great condition.




Sunny Murray – Big Chief – Pathe Marconi (FRA)


Another classic free jazz meeting of US and European (French) traditions of free playing.

With some great SA – infusion by great tenorist Ronnie Beer.

Alan Silva rocks the house… and Kenneth Terroade taking walls down!

Kickin cover of an all time free jazz fav!

Great condition of cover and vinyl.





Gwigwis band – Kwela , 77 records (UK)


A SA jazz classic.

Legendary stuff. This LP is done in the time of UK tax/ copyright laws of the 70´s… that effected the companies to make either under 100 copies or more then 100…. Which resulted in that many labels only did 99 copies of some releases.

Like the classic Nondo releases of Derek Bailey and SME.

This is such a limited release. 99 copies only… of this mesmerizing music!!!

With amazing South African jazz….alive and kickin with beautiful playing by Dudu Pukwana, Ronnie Beer, McGregor and of course bandleader Gwigwi Mrwebi!

Amazing and stunning condition of a super rare LP!!!





Pilz, Niebergall, Schmitt – celeste, trion 3901 (GER)


Unusual album with 3 great European music activists.

Free and wonderful playing by bass clarinet wonder Pilz!

The true mastery here is the deeeeeeep bass playing by Niebergall.


Great record and quite hard to find.

Cover has some slight wear,  VG+. But vinyl is good. VG ++.





Peter Brötzmann ao. Hot Lotta ,  Blue Master Special (FIN)


One more time… The Hot Lotta is back on the trade list.

And this time in even better condition.

A classic. A freakin classic!

With a line up of the tandem germans: Brö & Kowald. What can possibly go wrong?

Stellar playing by finnish tandems: Aaltonen & vesala!

A meeting of minds. EXPLOSIVE music and one of the greatest covers ever!

Very rare finnish original 1st press.





Sven Åke Johansson – Schlingerland, SAJ – 01 (GER)


The original 1st press in pristine condition!!!

This one needs very serious offers….we have never seen it in such condition.

And this is is… a …. Monster classic.

Historically and musically.

Beaaaautiful silk screened cover. Colors are magic.

The album came out later on FMP / SAJ with an offset printed cover and no colors..

But this is the S..T!

Solo percussion activities without a dull moment.

Recorded 1972 in Stockholm by SWEDISH sound wiz Göran Freese!

Very very rare…. Just impossible to find in such condition!

Yes, it is another bomb…. It is….A … BOMB!





Kondo , lovens & lytton – death is our eternal friend,  (JAP)


Rare Japanese 1st press. Killer improvised music with drummer geniouses Lovens and Lytton. The tandem drummers of the European scene. Toshinori Kondo´s trumpet playing is in the middle of it all.

Creating music of the highest level of poetic beauty!

And with lytton treating  his live electronics wildly , but highly sensitively!

A 1982 japanese recording of three masters at work.

This baby is getting rare….rereleases exists… but… this in the numero uno!!!

Great condition.





Kondo, Honsinger, Kowald, Toyozumi – what are you talking about? (JAP)


Rare Japanese 1st press. The 2nd Kondo LP to get with absolute killer improvised music.

Again in the company of some great players: the German titan Kowald and American wizard Honsinger – both of them treating strings and vocal chords in very creative ways!

Japanese drummer Sabu Toyozumi is the center of it all.

Balancing the music to where it should be.

Rare and beautiful.

Not touched.



Steve Lacy –   disposability – rca  VIK (ITA)


A monster session. Truly magic. A 1965 recording of classic Lacy material.

Experimenting… finding  the new ways…. And still using the fundaments: Monk and Taylor as springboards to a new freedom and creativity!

Telepathic playing by Romano and Kent Carter!

This classic jazz album is all about balance and freedom!

This is the Italian 2nd pressing.

The 1st pressing is impossible…. The 2nd is rare enough.

Great condition and a masterpiece of  music!



Bengt Nordström – Now is the “Frippe” time, Dragon lp (SWE)


A late and great Nordström album.

After the classic bird notes albums of the 60´s….(that will be popping up here later…. Promise….) which are impossible to find nowadays. Nordström didn’t record for years.

This document is a great example of the Nordström logics. A live recording w comrades Peeter Uuskyla and Björn Alke a.o. scat singing, contrabass clarinet insanity and related activites… this is a great album.






Bosse Wärmell – 1962, EMI  (SWE)



One of the unknown and forgotten players of the Swedish 60´s.

Wärmell might be one of the best hidden secrets of the 60´s , in a international perspective.

Highy innovative jazz playing, on the verge of being free…

Amazing  sax tone and great group playing and interaction.

This  is one of very few vinyls around w Wärmell.

Only a very very rare 7” vinyl exists by Wärmell in his own name , except this monster LP! ( check the ep section out…)

This is not a mega rare LP…. But will be…. Music is spectacular. In the tradition , but free.

NM condition!





Charles Brackeen – rhythm X, strata east (USA)

Mind blowing free jazz session by great and widely unknown tenor sax player Brackeen!

With the regular Ornette rhythm section (Haden  & Blackwell) and a Don Cherry in top spirits!

Melodic and spiritual free jazz of the highest ranks!

Great condition of a rare  and classic lp.

A must have!



Elvin Jones – midnight walk, atlantic (USA)


One of our favorite Elvin Jones album of all time.

With the unusual setting of Abdullah Ibrahim on piano (!) , Hank Mobley on tenor sax and Thad Jones on trumpet!

This beast SWINGS!

Highly unusual promo copy. In NM condition.

Amazing music, amazing album.





Roz Croney – how low can you go? Dauntless records (USA)


1st press of this very rare album with limbo queen Croney.

Backed up by the complete Sun Ra Arkestra.

Sun Ra credited as Edward O Bland !

Small writing on front cover, but vinyl in great condition.

Very danceable and actually very enjoyable music!

For the Sun Ra hard core fans! ( and yes…. We are many…..)






Ornette Coleman – paris concert, trio records ( jap)


A 2 lp set of some of the most free and amazing playing by this classic version of the Ornette Coleman Quartet: Ornette (playing the freakin shit outa his violin!!!) , Dewey Redman (in absolute top form), Charlie Haden (in the very middle of all the action) and the great drummer Ed Blackwell!!

This album is rare… doesn’t show up that often.. at least not in Europe or the USA.

And it is really worth looking for.

Music is spectacular. The best!

Great condition.



Anthony Braxton – Circle 1 & 2, sony (JAP)


Classic japanese 1st pressings on two separate vinyls.

Recorded at the peak of this short lived unit. One of the most amazing periods in the free jazz history. At the same time when Miles is experimenting with electric flows and colors… Braxton is using almost exactly the same musicians for form & structure experiments!

highly creative.

Chick Corea… wilder them em all!

Dave Holland…. a monster bass player!

Just everyone is playing on top of it all.

Great recording. Records in great conditions,

Essential music!!!





Mal Waldron with the Steve Lacy Quintet. America (FRA)


One of our absolute fav Lacy records. With long time companion Waldron.

This album just have some magic peaks that are unforgettable!

Magic music happening all over. With a very creative blues aspect shining through…

Lacy´s playing is so precise and so free. Waldron is there, coloring it up.

Pianist laying the foundations around the quintet. Not the opposite.

Extremely great music. Highly Recommended .




Charlie mariano/ Lee Konitz  a.o.– altissimo,  RCA ( JAP)


A very very interesting album.

Rare and hard to find now. And utterly strange… with the four altos finding new paths for the instrument…. Backed up by the  great rhythm section  of Swedish bass maestro Palle Danielsson, dutch drum tornado Han Bennink and the free piano playing of Joachim Kühn. This is an album to check out!

Jazz….but out of balance… just a bit….




Steve Lacy – dreams, saravah (FRA)


Another classic Steve Lacy LP. With his favoured regular group at the time, but augmented with guitar maestro Derek Bailey. That addition is really creating some special moments  in  the music!

This is a very recommendable Lacy album!

Not his rarest, but for sure one of his finest!

Great condition.






EP section —————————————————————————————————


Lars Gullin Quartet – piano holiday – 7”   (SWE)


A great and classic gullin session.

With the warm sounds of Trombone player Åke Persson backing up the lines of maestro Gullin. Balanced and innovative solo activities. Great record!

VG+/ VG+.




Lars Gullin Octet – blue mail – 7” (SWE)


Great large ensemble session with another two masters of the saxophone:

Rolf Billberg on alto sax and Harry Bäcklund on tenor.

Those two Swedish favorite saxplayers in the company of Gullin himself is juts like heaven!

Great arrangements!

Truly great music and highly recommendable!

VG + / VG+



Panorama du jazz Europeen, vol 3 – suede – gösta theselius – 7” Columbia (FRA)


Classic Swedish jazz. The way it should sound!

French release. All the heavy swedes in the band, under bandleader Theselius:

Gullin, Domnerus, Hallberg, Åke Persson and the great Norwegian tenorist Bjarne Nerem!

VG++ / VG+




Lars Werner – point of view, 7”   artist ep 1027, (SWE)


One of the most innovative Swedish jazz piano players and advanced minds!

Lars Werner is a player and composer to check out carefully. We kid u not!

There are amazing large band experiments and insane duo activities in the 70´s with comrade  saxophonist Christer Boustedt.

But this is the very debut album by Werner.

And what a debut!

With life long friend and collegue Sune Spångberg (of Albert Ayler fame)

Beautiful intricate and warm! This is piano trio activity at the highest standards.

Highly recommendable and rare….




Jan Johansson Trio vol 2 – 7” artist ep 1052 (SWE)


The master of Swedish jazz. The master of “involvements of folkloristic elements” in Swedish jazz. Jan Johansson at his peak. In a trio situation that fits him like a hand in the glove! With some Danish help, he is making this a classic Swedish jazz ep!

A must have! Brilliant and engaging! One of few piano players that had a real punch in his attack, in both right and left hand.

Love for sale….. simple magic!

VG++ / VG++





Bo Wärmell & Bertil Lövgren – blue train. 7” jazz records (SWE)


A Swedish ep bomb… and there are a few….

This is the legendary Bosse Wärmell release, that all jazz discaholics like to find.

Because… it is super fantastic…. It is super rare… amazing cover… and it smells good!

The only vinyl released during Wärmells lifetime.

This is an extremely rare piece of vinyl.

Made in very few copies.

This copy is in great condition as well.

We cant recommend  it enough.

Jazz…. As it should be!

Produced by legendary EMI producer  Gunnar Lindqvist and Bengt Nordström ( of Bird Notes fame!!!)

But…. It needs a very very serious trade offer to be yours.

VG ++ / VG ++



Hansson & Carlsson – lidingö Airport , 7” GPS 1015 (SWE)


Original 1st press of this legendary EP:

With the favorite group of Jimi Hendrix: Hansson & Carlsson!

This is the rare 1st press of their debut record.

Playing the music of Darmstadt composer Bo Nilsson of malmberget!

Amazing organ & drum duo. Great material – great music!

Highly recommendable!

Some writing on front and back of cover.

VG / VG –



Jan Lööf – konstfackjazz – 7”, sir Isaac nyton  (SWE)


Another Swedish ep bomb!

This one is rare.  R.a.r.e…..And VERY sought after.

Made in a minimal edition in connection to the participants activities at a local art school in Stockholm: Konstfack.

Great tenor playing by leader Lööf, that later became famous as a cartoonist and some delicate guitar activities by Lasse Åberg, that later became a famous comedian.

Swinging bass playing by Urban Yman, of International Harvesster and TRäd, gräs & stenar – fame!

Very very rare.




Arne Domnerus trio – rund funk , 7”, artist ep  (SWE)


A great and unusual session w jazz maestro Domnerus!

Free and loose with both feets on the ground.

An amazing trio session where great bass player Georg Riedel is creating some

Truly amazing platforms for domnerus to improvise around and inside of.

Great jazz session.

And a great cover.

NM- / VG+


Rolf Billberg  & Hacke Björksten 5 –  7”, Sonet (SWE)


2nd press of a legendary  ep album of pristine Swedish jazz.

Fantastic interplay between Billberg and Björksten.

Georg Riedel on bass…. What more can we say?


Highly recommendable of course!

Coloring / Lamination of cover is always bad. This copy is in very good condition.

VG+ / VG +


Boris – scoubidou – 7”, Sonet (SWE)


Highy interesting soul / jazz session w Swedish singer Boris.

Backed up by the cream of the crop!

Check the line up!

Phil Woods, Maffy Falay, Benny Bailey, Åke Persson, Jerome Richardsson, Jimmy Woode etc etc.

Great arrangements by Bengt Arne Wallin.

Small Cut Out hole on cover, right upper corner.

VG++ / VG


Benny Bailey quintet w Bernt Rosengren – 7”, Sonet (SWE)


Fantastic session.

Music is 100%! The contribution of Bernt Rosengren is massive.

Truly one of the most personal and innovative sax players ever to appear in Europa!

Bailey´s trumpet playing on top of the game.

Joe Harris behind the drums are swingin like no one else!

Another classis EP… and they are ALL worth having!