new trade list feb 2013

Feb.10, 2013

Feb trades 2013!!!!

time again……..

A NEW trade list of some heavy items… some beasts and an absolute KILLER art related item…that is  a freakin sensation!

Focus on Don Cherry and also Peter Brötzmann this time…. With one  BRÖ 7 inch, one box ( with an accompanying story, being told in public for the first time!)  and a very very rare finnish edition of a Brötzmann beast!


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make an offer for a trade and we will get back to you as soon as we can, with confirmations and such.

The first one to offer a good trade gets the good(s)!








Brötzmann/ Van Hove / Bennink – Einheitsfrontlied, FMP S3 (GER)


The epic and classic Hanns Eisler lied in an INSANE version, that wipes you and your relatives away. A bomb…. Musically  and in all possible ways.

The ultimate jukebox release for freer minds!

This is the original release! You dont find this one around that often these days.

Also the re release on Cien Fuegos, from last years record store day edition is sold out…. They went fast!!!! Very fast!

But this one is the very rare first FMP release back from the days.

Music is a weird nightmare of quotes and brutality and sheer beauty… all in once.

In perfect condition. Highly recommended — really… all you need… the perfecr start for a  7 inch collection with ambitions and directions


still available




Lee Konitz – Jazz at Storyville, Storyville ep 403 (US)


An absolutely fantastic EP. Music is masterful… Lee Konitz at his best… at his very best!

The master of poetic storytelling in a session with Ronnie Ball and others.

This Ep is in great shape. And just such an amazing piece of vinyl.

We buy this one and its sister release as soon as we see them…  perfect give aways… with its wonderful cover and dito music.

This time though…. Not to give away… just for trade!



still available







Tommy Potter Sextet – Metronome Mep 241 (SWE)


We are very happy to offer a favourite Ep from the swedish ”golden era” of jazz. A session with the musicians around the Freddie Redd Trio and their swedish friends.

Music is beautifully arranged for this sextet and the players includes: Freddie Redd and Joe Harris from the trio and the amazing swedish voicings of trombone player Åke Persson and trumpeter Rolf Ericson. Hacke Björksten (Woody Birch) and Stig Gabrielsson is contributing on tenor and bari. Making it a FULL sound!

Great record in great shape! Rare.

still available



Philippe Sarde – les enfants des gates , Vogue 45 x 140292, (FRA)


This is something quite amazing!

A session made for a soundtrack to a Bertrand Tavernier film. And what a weird and beautiful line up:
Johnny Griffin, John Surman, Francois Rabath and Barry Guy!!!!!

Mindblowing! Right on!

This is the mega rare 7” version of the full album.

One vocal track and one instrumental.

Both the 7” and the Lp is a must!

Perfect shape – both record and cover.



traded , sorry!





Handgjort – Handgjort , Silence ( SWE)


A legendary release. This is the new release from last year. Made in only 600 copies.

All hand made with an original artwork (like it was done back in the days ) attached by hand. With the original recording from 1970 of  this psych masterpiece. A great booklet with info and footage is accompanying the music. A wonderful release!

Try and look for the original release… and try to find it on the pre press on Finnish Love records… if you do find it.. you are a lucky son of a gun!

But, meanwhile you need this edition, because it has an extra bonus LP included… and there are some amazing psych/ hippie percussion insanity with among others Don Cherry (!!!!) and Bengt Berger on the record! Recorded live at the legendary Gärdesfesten in 1970.

For once a 2nd pressing that you really NEED!!!!



traded , sorry







Bitter Funeral Beer Band – Bitter Funeral Beer, ECM ( GER)


One of the most amazing LP releases of the swedish music scene. We kid you not!

Bengt Berger leading his mighty large ensemble Bitter Funeral Beer Band with special guest Don Cherry!!!

Amazing playing from the band that includes legendary drummer Thomas Mera Gartz, , of Träd , Gräs & Stenar –fame, that passed away last year.

The music is a beautiful mix of very strong african music and free jazz/ psych.

LP only release.

Highest recomendations!

In perfect shape. Not the rarest… BUT, one of the most amazing documents ever!!!


traded , sorry



Thomazs Stanko – Fish Face, Klub Plutowy / pol jazz ( POL)


For the 2nd time, we can present this unknown vinyl beast: FISH FACE!

Get it just for its title… or get it because it is a rockin beast of beauty musically!

Some overthetop synthi (!)  playing by mighty drummer Stu Martin.

And some really ass kickin trumpet playing from Stanko himself.

This record  is a must for any collector of European improvised music. An essential historical and musical document!




Peter Brötzmann – Hot Lotta , Blue Master Special  306 (FIN)


A bomb… a bomb… a bomb…

The two german granit rocks Brötzmann and Kowald in collaboration with Finnish mastermind Vesala and the very underrated Juhani Aaltonen.

Music  is as amazing as u can imagine… and more…

The cover is one of the best ALL Time.

The condition of the record is really great; VG++/ NM-

So… all in all: If you dont have this one already… start dig up some heavy trades…. Since you NEED this one.

Very rare, impossible to find and only re released on a short lived finnish cd… but you need the vinyl and the LP cover…

still available






And the final bomb… very much a BOMB:


Brötzmann / Van Hove / Bennink  plus Albert Mangelsdorf– FMP  0020, 0030 , 0040 (GER)


A box… THE box… that has it all!

Music is a monster!  Packaging is genius.

One of the greatest documents of the early European Free Jazz scene. Brutal and beautiful.

This is the very first release. The 3 Lp´s comes in plain white innersleeves in the cardboard box, with its buyers name and stamps on the cover. Numbered edition of only maximum 200 copies.. perhaps less. This is nr 32!

The records are in great condition NM- .

The only minus… is the tape on the spine of the box, see picture. and some wine beling spilled in the right down corner of the back of the box…. but….. but….but… we tell you… this is a legendary release!

Here is the thing:


Peter Brötzmann was and is a very active visual artist. In the very early days of Fluxus  he was working for some time as an assistant to the great Korean artist Nam Jun Paik!

He was among other things preparing the famous prepared piano of Paik´s…

Also assisting at a famous happening / exhibition at Gallerie Parnass. Where a huge amount of Fluxus events were held in  early 60´s.

Paik had prepared a weather balloon in the gallery room

Filled it up with air. Balloon expanding and filling every inch of the gallery room. No space for visititors.

Everyone standing outside at the opening of the exhibition. Talking, drinking, hanging…  looking at the balloon filling the windows and doors of the gallery…

…and one person smoking a cigarette a bit too close to the Balloon….


Balloon in a thousand small pieces.

End of story…. (almost)

Brötzmann was afterwards allowed to collect the small rubber pieces of the balloon and also got  Mr Paiks permission to use the fragments in a piece of his own:

The poster that is included in this box!!!!!!!!!

We kid you NOT!

Attached on the beautiful poster of Brö – design, is one of the original pieces of the rubber pieces from the balloon of  the  exhibition of Mr. Paik!

So, what you get with a very serious trade offer… is not only an amazing musical document of one of the most important groups at its time , but also an original piece of art by Nam Jun Paik!

This story is not well known. And the story is here being verified and told, with the kind permission of Mr. Brötzmann himself.

Only very serious offers please….

TRADED Immediately!




good luck!


one piece of vinyl per day keeps the doctor away!!!