nils lindberg – jazz in tv time

Oct.23, 2012


Nils Lindberg ,  jazz in TV – time, Colombia SEGS 74, 45 rpm, (NOR)  1960

Rare swedish jazz 7” pressed in Norway


This is an extraordinarily document of swedish jazz! Nils Lindberg´s arrangements for the TV – jazz orchestra of the time in a CLASSIC recording.

Both the quality of the arrangements and the solo work here makes this record a very very worth having piece of vinyl.

This record is recorded the same year as the outstanding ”Sax Appeal” by Lindberg with Lars Gullin as featured soloist. (the cd re issue of Sax Appeal includes these tracks from this 7”, for the first time re issued.)

Maffy Falay first (?) recorded work in his new country, after moving from his native Turkey. A very inspired trumpet playing here with great imagination and flow.

But the real sensation here is the totally killing tenor playing by Luleå ( a northern town in Sweden, nowadays mostly known for its fine Hockey – team!) – based Allan Lundström. With a totally unique personal voice and a very interesting and highly imaginative  sense of melodic beauty, Lundström is creating some of the finest jazz playing in Sweden in a very interesting period in the swedish jazz history: the beginning of the 60´s.

Before free was free…and during a fantastic period of research and new explorations.

Åke Persson is in great form as always , and proves the fact that he is one of the most specific voices of swedish jazz ever. Persson, Gullin, Thelin and the amazing trumpeter Rolf Ericsson are among very few swedish jazz musicians that really made themself a name on the international scene at the time. And also contributed with very distinctive personal voices and styles.

This is one of the ESSENTIAL recordings of swedish jazz! It is all about balance here. Balance! The ensemble is perfectly balanced, the voicing is spectacular and the solo works are great example of extreme individuality and balance within the concept of the group. Balance! It is all about balance!



Nils Lindberg  – piano

Maffy Falay – trumpet

Åke Persson – trombone

Allan Lundström – tenor sax

Torsten Wennberg – baritone sax

Sture Nordin – bass

Conny Svensson – drums