brötzmann & bennink – Atsugi concert

Oct.21, 2012


Peter Brötzmann & Han Bennink  – Atsugi Concert, Gua Bungue GBLP 3388, 33 1/3 rpm (JAP), 1980

Very rare japanese lp, 300 copies ?





This is such a package! One of the most beautifully designed LP´s ever in the free jazz/ improvised music-  business. Silver fold out sleeve…with a fantastic photobook attached! Killin photos and amazingly well assembled.

The FEEL is 100%!!!

It weighs very nicely in your hands….

And music is of course absolutely pulverizing. The vinyl came out in 1980, so Brötzmann & Bennink had already been playing together for a good 20 years +…. And you can hear it…

Bennink is all over the place with using and misusing various  windinstruments and beating the crap out of his percussive arsenal…

Brötzmann is standing on steady feets and blowing his guts out… as well as hammering the piano (!) i n the greatest way…


Few records has a greater feel. And this baby never shows up these days…


This record only came out in Japan back in the day and the music has never showed up anywhere else…  one of the hardest in the extensive Brötzmann discography!

( the hardest being perhaps The new  jazz in Altena vol 2:


Atsugi concert is ESSENTIAL!





Peter Brötzmann – tenor and baritone sax, clarinet and piano

Han Bennink – drums , c – mel saxophone, clarinet,  trombone, piano, xylophone etc