Peter Brötzmann – Machine Gun

Oct.13, 2012


Peter Brötzmann – Machine Gun, BRÖ 2, 33 1/3 rpm (GER), 1968


Very rare 1st edition, max 500 copies


The record that defines it ALL!

The Music that Brötzmann and his comrades were doing in combination with the raw, raaaaaaaaw sounds of the recording and the visuals of the cover made this the ULTIMATE classic of European free jazz!

The start of the title track is just overwhelming. The first time you hear it… it is a schock… 2nd time as well…. and so it goes on…

It is a mindblowing experience to get into the free improvisations of the group at the beginning of the starting piece and after a while get transported out through the window, door and sealing at the same time at once- with that massive wall of noise that suddenly hits you like a hurdle of buffalos, mammuts and Alaskian ice trucks all at once… no other way to describe it. (sorry about that)

The music continues with some absolute amazingly grim and evil playing by especially Evan Parker, Willem Breuker and Brötzmann himself… the flow is immense!

And  the “song” is over before you know it.

The interaction between the eight players are wild and full of energy in all directions. It is a real treat to listen how the two bass players, Peter Kowald and the mighty mighty Buschi Niebergall, are playing together… moving the music forwards, with some amazingly creative drumming from drum maestros Johansson and Bennink, behind, over and under the ensemble!

A very sax dominated sound, of course…. with 3 of the most hard hitting tenor players ever around… and it is a joy to hear the fantastic and very inspired Belgian piano player Fred van Hove in the middle of it all… in the eye of the storm… commenting and contra punctuating the music in way that only he can do.

Brötzmann had early the vision of copying the 4 line of sax players in the Lionel Hamptons Big Band, playing in unison as a wall of sound.

Attempts to link this epic recording to Coltranes Ascension or  Ornette´s Free Jazz is discarded by Brötzmann, that rather prefer to link his influences to Charles Ives, “Flying Home” by Lionel Hampton and Rock n Roll!!!

It is ALL there!!!



This music has been re- released a number of times… on vinyl on FMP and recently on another german label: A – music. As well as on many CD versions by a.o. FMP and Atavistic/ Unheard Music with bonus tracks and all.

BUT… this is the one… the first silkscreened one… the feel. the vibe…. And the fact that this IS how it originally came out! Put together by Brötzmann himself back in the day.

BRÖ 2 … Legendary and for always the BOMB!

The title “Machine Gun” has nothing to do with “obvious” political connections and vietnam war of the time etc etc… it is simply the nick name that Don Cherry was using for Brötzmann during those vibrant years.

Machine Gun…. The record that defines it ALL!



Peter Brötzmann – tenor and baritone saxes

Evan Parker – tenor sax

Willem Breuker – tenor sax

Fred Van Hove – piano

Peter Kowald – bass

Buschi Niebergall – bass

Han Bennink – drums

Sven – Åke Johansson – drums