Peter Brötzmann – Balls

Oct.13, 2012




Peter Brötzmann – Balls, FMP 0020, 33 1/3 rpm (GER), 1970

Very rare 1st gallery edition, 200 copies





A bomb… what else to call it, then a bomb?… a rhino in a glass gardenhouse? A complete and truly mind shatterer? A sonic cluster chaos frenzy?… a “bomb” is probably just right!

A bomb with balls. BALLS!

NO title has ever been more appropriate.

Balls is one of the true classic masterpieces by Brötzmann and friends… this is the trio that changed it all.

Music IS freakin DNA – changing.

Recorded 1970 and still fresh as a rose…

After the roars… the flowing high octane energy of Brötzmann´s previous For Adolphe Sax and Machine Gun releases , this is somehow where the freer European playing takes over… where Brötzmann/ Van Hove / Bennink defines what is free improvised music… many records, tours and festivals followed after this classic recording… with this legendary outfit!

Open, spontaneaus and simply full of energy and creativity! This record has something very very special to it that just freakin rips the flesh out of ya.

This very first gallery edition was made in only 200 copies and was the second release on the classic FMP label runned by German pioneer producer Jost Gebers.

Gebers started as a bass player (his other German producer collegue Manfred Eicher  – of ECM fame – started funny enough also out as a bass player ), but went soon on to create amazing platforms from this music to exist! With the legendary festivals “Total Music Meeting” and “Workshop Freie Musik” he created the platforms for many many classic recordings and productions to come with its very typical designs (often made by Brötzmann himself ) and fonts that became the trademark of FMP – Free Musik Productions!


The silkscreened iconic and historic  cover with its many photos of the three musicians in action, plus photos of engineers and producers, gives a genius commentary to the music and makes sense on all levels possible.


comes complete with a sheet of paper in yellow that has listings of all BRÖ label records, schlippenbach on Quasar and other related items…. heavy and historic!!!

Fuckin beautiful. As simple as that.



Peter Brötzmann –  tenor sax

Fred van hove – piano

Han Bennink – drums