2nd new jazz meeting altena

Jun.05, 2012


Very rare private festival 2 lp – set


Following up the first years release with another basically unauthorized release of creative music and free jazz… this is a musical BOMB!

The 2nd meeting was obviously a wild one… the music on this green 2 LP – set is astonishing to the level of being ridiculous… there are tracks here of brain melting quality.

The Classic combo of Brötzmann, Van Hove and Bennink is  making  one of their first appearances on record ever… and they deliver a BEAST!

The music is wild… the tenor sax of Brötzmann is ripping flesh from the bones… anyones bones… one whole side of unstoppable music!

If surviving the first side… you have a lot of very enjoyable and creative music to listen to on this green colored release. From the Manfred Schoof Quintet we have a very unusual piece with some creative interaction, as well as a very interesting british group of Alan Skidmore´s with special guest Mike Osborne kickin absolute ass! an absolute top number of british free jazz… fast moving arragements and melodies and wild playing… wild and beautiful. TOP NOTCH!

The John Surman Trio is following up the success from the previous new jazz meeting with a collaboration with the Albert Magnelsdorf Quartett. And it’s a goooooood one…doubling the instruments makes this a real happening combo with leader Mangelsdorf showing how things should be ran….

But the main thing here is without a doubt, the Brötzmann track… for the Brötzmann completist, this is a MUST!  Brötzmann collectors cant sleep without this in the collection… and a life without sleep can prove difficult for some people…

The 2 lp set comes complete with a photobooklet with many amazing photos.


In the times of unauthorized releases of European free music , the JG records are a bit legendary…  ran by two men in Altena, of whom one was a dentist and according to the local musicians at the time, fixing up quite a few Americans teeth of the visiting musicians.



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the brötzmann trio track alone: