7 outstanding 7″

May.27, 2012

7 outstanding 7″ of my collection

the Cancer Kids: Boston Cream 7″

I could write about this band a whole essay, but gonna keep it short as they do. This is a one-sided one song 7″ with the fourty second song Boston Cream. The cover says its a supplement to their full lenght The Possible Dream on Youth Attack Records. they prefer to insert this track between the song 3 and 4. I did it once at a radio show, and after i succeeded i really felt like i am the Grandmaster Fresh of grind. Limited to 150 copies. I recommend to check out any of their stuff if you like blasting tornado like fast punk/grind music.




Merzbow: unknown 7″ test-press

I got this 7″ from Masami when i once told him that its super rare in east-europe to buy his records on vinyl / ordering is risky and the postage is insane. he was kind enough to hook me up with a few releases he had at home including the Bastard Noise 12″ on Relapse, etc. This 7″ was one of the record i got. Of course its some blasting solo material with some bird sounds so i would date this in the recent 5 years on my own. I could ask him which one is it, but i like it this obscure way,  and be in the dark with having ” an unknown merzbow 7″ test press “. only additional info is 45 rpm, which is a useful information when it comes to either grindcore or noise records.





Dawncore: we are young… so we scream… just to feel alive 7”

well this record could be definetly about the children usually sitting next to me on long flights, but its not. its a pretty outstanding piece of vinyl for me. this was one of the very first if not first record i ever bought. i also remember i was the first to purchase after the record release show at Sziget festival when they sold it from the back of their van. This one is the very first pressing on Burning Season Records on orange vinyl limited to 30 if i remember correctly, but definetly not more than 50. the record got repressed on Capeet record a few years later, i used to have a clear 7″ of the limited edition of that print, but probably sold it in my early twenties when i had drinking problems.






Jud Jud: Xthe demosX

one of the funniest records ever. two guys doing hardcore songs by basically using nothing but their mouth. the side by side rip off cover, the fake flyers and the lyric sheet full of JUD’s is amazing. the statement in the insert is hilarious saying: “It is necessary to print what each of us has to say. These words represent values, ideas, friendships and motivation”. Great caricature of a scene that became the parody of itself during the years.




Otto von Schirach: Pukeology 2X7″

I remember meeting a guy at Transmediale festival in 2006, who came to me asking me if i would sell him my Discordance Axis shirt, which i obviously didnt do, but since i purchased it in Berlin, i gave him the directions to the store. Few hours later this guy was blowing my head off with his music that was a weird mix of jungle, miami bass, hip-hop, IDM and with him using a pitch shifter i could obviously hear the goregrind influence as well. Ever since we became close friends, toured many times,  and i consider him one of my closest friends. This outstanding 2X7″ is music that he made using fart, shit and puke sounds turning them into kick drums, snares and everything else for your listening pleasure. Limited to 666 copies on coloured brown vinyl.




Shoko Asahara: Lord Death’s Counting Song / Sonshi’s March 7″

I got this amazing 7″ at Bimbo Tower, one of the best store in europe when i played my final show with To Live and Shave in L.A in Paris. This 7″ released on Faithways records is part of a series of 7″es presenting the music of Doomsday Cults. A small 8 page booklet comes with the 7″ describing the main events of the gassing by Murray Sayle. If anyone interested more in the topic, please buy Robert Jay Lifton’s outstanding book Destroying the World, to Save It. Speaking of the music, well… lets just say its interesting. Probably wouldnt even give it more than 20 seconds if i wouldnt be interested in everything about Shoko Asahara / Aum Shinrikyo.




GLS – the special 12 single series

This is a crazy package of 12×7″-es, by GSL Records which is co-owned by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of Mars Volta/At the Drive-In, but founded originally by the one and only Sonny Kay. They used to release a bunch of amazing stuff, like first records of the Locust, Sonny’s own band Year Future, but also weird obscure hiphop like Subtitle and also the vinyl version of all Mars Volta records before they decided to quit the label. This is a limited unique package of 12 X 7″-es in one set. Beside the bands releasing on GSL it includes material from Xiu Xiu and also a jam between Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and John Frusicante. Pretty rare stuff especially with all 7″es since lot of people started to sell some of the collection, and google told me its super hard to find the whole set.



balazs pandi, budapest, may 2012