brother to brother

May.05, 2012

Brother to Brother , Yokefree YF – 1, 33 1/3 rpm (USA) 1971


Extremely rare, private US pressing

This is something spectacular and wild… a LP recorded by Craig Johnson (of CJR – fame) in 1971…a bizarre and beautiful “play” with readings, nature sounds, electric piano interludes, chickens going bananas and the mighty free jazz legend Joe McPhee on recorder!!!

This one is not even in any discographies!

Story is that the producer of this spectacular LP, had the whole stock of the finished records, plastic wrapped and all, at home… and you had to go there and apply to buy one… and not many applications were approved appearingly. Therefor are very very few copies out there… and never ever shows up on auctions and related.

The concept is amazing, the chickens are amazing and McPhee is McPhee… as always…

Definitely one of the rarest beasts of free jazz related material ever done!


Cortland James –  voice

Unknown chickens and doberman pincer dogs, rabbits and ducks

Marva Parker – electric piano

Joe McPhee – recorder