a Southern Swedish Smörgåsbord

Apr.25, 2012


A Southern -Swedish  Smörgåsbord


Ved: Stureexternal / Ved is Mattias Nihlen and this was orignally made for a documentary on the swedish artist Sture Johanesson/  12”


Problem: 90 000/ The best punksingle in Sweden from the 70´s, they still are great! / 7”


The Fasaans:Tyrone / New great Malmö combo/  7”

Wilmer X: …kör dej död./ They were only listening to AC/ DC and Stones, a live – favorit/ 7”


Babylon Blues: ”Jesus eller Djävulen ”/ Thåström said: Stry is the only Swedish musician who is close to geniality, we agree / 12”


The Nykels w. King Ayisoba : ”Adoo N´suviyura”/ Everything is coincidencies. This should have been world wide hit, if there was such a thing as justics. / 7”


Jan Johansson Trio: Medan kolapappren prasslar/ He is from Gothenburg, but is included despite of that fact. Soundtrack to Bo Widerberg´s ”Barnvagnen”/ 7”


Namelosers: Land of 1000 Dances/ The pop  proudness of Malmö. Tommy Hansson, the singer, is still active singing, but now in a choir… / 7”


Mazarine Street: Plays Dead Boys/Sun Ra/ Kick ass and dirty Rock & Roll from the Capital / 7”



Gert – Olle Göransson, Malmö, April 2012