article on ANDRA JAZZ!!!!

Jun.18, 2015

finally —- a kickin article on ANDRA JAZZ in stockholm and its owner and king of ceremonies: Harald hult!!!

in swedish only….. but try translating it.


photo: Joe McPhee


Jan.31, 2012



most recommendable shop in the world is the classic ANDRA JAZZ in Stockholm, Sweden!!!

on photo: artist Edward Jarvis lookin for gems!

no www shopping available, but some decent coffee, a chesstable and the most amazing shop of vinyl you can find. Free Jazz, Improvised Music, Be- Bop, West-coast and everything in between!!!

seriously… THIS IS THE SHIT!

Harald Hult and his collegues will take care of you, playing their favourites until they becaome yours.

ANDRA JAZZ Rödabergsgatan 9, 113 33 Stockholm / subway St Eriksplan exit Torsgatan

hanging around… the very saxophone that Albert Ayler according to the rumor was touching  at his visit to Sweden in 1962!!!

you dig???

call ANDRA —- ask for Harald or Kalle and get all help you need for a better life!

tel + 46 8 310707




after opening the bookshop in 1967 in the house where August Strindberg used to live, the Blue Tower in Stockholm,  Harald Hult relocated in 1992 at Rörstrandsgatan focusing primarily on jazz records, but still selling books…

concerts ( Improvised Fridays), record  productions (Blue Tower records), Festivals (Sounds 89 and 99 ) — but most of all buying and selling VINYL!!!


very very rare vinyls hangin
in ceiling….a.o. Mario Schiano´s If Not Extatic and Albert Aylers Something Different!!!!… and many many more VERY rare items… unbelievable!!!!


the best lightning in ANY recordshop — i tell you!!!

photos…. books…. memoriablia…. and VINYLS VINYLS VINYLS…….

now located at Rödabergsgatan in Stockholm, the shop is only selling books with jazz interest and VINYLS!!!!

yes, you can still find a cd here or there… but the VINYLS has finally taken over for GOOD!!!


Bird Notes original pressings in ceiling……


original posters from 50´and 60´s… golden circle related and others….


mingus poster…..



original Steve Lacy…. albert ayler…. brötzmann…. sanders…… gullin….. and a Raven…


editor of on a visit… making his wallet lighter….


FIRE! visiting the shop in feb 2012… drinkin and shoppin…


the vinyl ravens protecting the shop… always awake!


7 inches… en mass….

1000 ´s of 7 inches….. and many many many more 12″ and shitloads of 10 inches…..


again….. the tenor sax Albert Ayler was playing back in the days……



it will change you for good… and always…..