fav vinyl 7” finds of 2012

Jan.06, 2013

in no particular order….

but, we need to present these finds already here…. more info to come later about each indivual vinyl in our favourite format ever: the seven inch… the EP… the 45…. this baby has many names…. and they are all good…. as long teh format is 7 inch!!!


obscure french 7″ with amazing pic sleeve of Pharoah Sanders beast!



amazing release w dutch / swedish singer Vreeswijk together with the mighty Jan Johansson Trio!



a 7 inch version of the epic masterpiece by late great trumpeter Tony Fruschella!!!




TOTALLY obscure acetate in one copy of early unknown swedish free jazz from 1963…. a SENSATION!!!!!!



a unique ( one copy???) acetate in 7″ format with the legendary Monica Zetterlund… another absolute SENSATION!!!!!



a bizarre steve lacy involved release on french Saravah label….




a very very rare release with the swede Jan Henning… 14 (!!!) year old genius…playing smooth….




a unique ( one copy ??) acetate w lasse arnys orchetstra… playing jazz jaazz jaaaazzzz… handpainted cover….


mats gustafsson, wien, jan 2013


Oct.13, 2012

Discaholic Corner´s — MUST HAVE COMPLETIST LIST — creative, experimental and  improvised music!




Not many artist deserves to be on a (stupid…) list like this. We know.

There are a lot of musicians and groups that made amazing music… but over the whole career? Not many.

We will make a list here… very subjective of course…. Very subjective…

But we hope that you take the list as an objective truth!


These are all artist that (on vinyl) will make your life more beautiful and shiny… that will help you get up from bed in the morning… and hit the bed late nights…

Music from these vinyls will for sure make you become a better person (with a better vinyl collection as a bonus!!!).


Music comes first, even if there is also other parameters/ factors that are important of course. Such as an artists visual works and overall feel…


This is what DC thinks should be in every home of a real discaholic with interests in creative, experimental and  improvised music.

Please observe; Vinyl only of course. Cds are for beginners….






When it comes to other kinds of music… you are on your own, baby.




DC  vinyl completist list  of 2012 and onwards:


Derek Bailey


Sten Hansson

Bengt Nordström

Albert Ayler

Tony Fruschella

Lars Gullin

Evan Parker

John Russell

Börje Fredriksson

Bo Wärmell

Mototeru Takagi

Herbie Nichols

Peter Brötzmann

Steve Lacy

and of course: Joe McPhee!!!!


these are ALL necessary… VERY NECESSARY!!!


mats gustafsson / Discaholic corner , october 2012

Quincy Jones vinyls

Oct.10, 2012



1.     The Art Farmer Septet, Prestige 7031, 1954 (USA) , LP,  with a.o. Gigi Gryce on alto sax. Quincy Jones on the piano and some amazing arrangements… check Mau- Mau out!!! 10 years before ” A Love Supreme”… it is ALL there. WILD & BEAUTIFUL!
2.     Quincy Jones & Harry Arnold ” The Midnight Sun Never Sets”, Metronome MEP 424, 1958 (SWE), EP featuring Arne Domnerus on Alto sax. Conducting and arrangements by QJ. Mindbending alto sax solo…
3.     Quincy Jones & Swedish-American All Stars ”Pogo Stick” ,  Metronome MEP 30, 1953, (SWE) EP , with a.o.  Lars Gullin, Art Farmer and Åke Persson. Arrangements and leadership by QJ… just… beautiful…
4.     Quincy Jones & Swedish-American All Stars ”Jones´Bones” ,  Metronome MEP 31, 1953, (SWE) EP , with a.o.  Lars Gullin, Art Farmer and Åke Persson. Arrangements and leadership by QJ… just… amazing…
5.     Quincy Jones ”the boy in the tree” , Mercury MG 60338, 1961 (SWE) , arrangements by QJ with an amazing band w a.o. Eje Thelin, Benny Bailey, Åke Persson and Sahib Shihab!!!
6.     Clifford Brown – Art Farmer ”Stockholm Sweetnin”, Metronome MEP 18, 1953 (SWE) with a.o. Lars Gullin, Arne Domnerus and Åke Persson. Great arrangements by QJ.
7.     Clifford Brown – Art Farmer ”Falling inLove with Love”, Metronome MEP 19, 1953 (SWE) with a.o. Lars Gullin, Arne Domnerus and Åke Persson. Great arrangements by QJ!
8.    Helen Merrill,  EmArcy MG 36006 , 1955  (USA) with a.o. Clifford Brown. Musical arrangements  and liner notes by Q.J.



Mats Gustafsson, october 2012


mats gustafsson top 9 forgotten free jazz lp´s

Mar.28, 2012

mats gustafsson top 9 forgotten free jazz lp´s



1. Bengt Nordström – Natural Music (different versions 1962- 68) – Bird Notes LP (SWE)

2. Edvard Vesala – Nana – Blue Master, Blu LP 125 (FIN)

3. Joe Daley Trio – At Newport -63 – RCA victor LSP 2763 (USA)

4. Ed Curran – Elysa – Savoy MG 12191 (USA)

5. Marion Brown – Le Temps Fou – Polydor 658 142 (FR)

6. Howard Riley – Discussions – Opportunity CP 2499 (UK)

7. Mount Everest Trio – Waves from Albert Ayler – LIM 7503 (SWE)

8. Wlodzimierz Nahorny Trio – heart – Muza xl 0452 (POL)

9. Robert Pozar – Good Golly Miss Nancy – Savoy 12189 (USA)


mats gustafsson, Wien, april 2012