7″ needs

Feb.01, 2012

7″s & EPs :


Francois Tusques w Don Cherry         “La Maison Fille du Soleil”     (FR)

Shake Keane/ Garrick Quartet    A case of jazz    UK airborne NBP 0002 (UK)

Karl Berger                                    jazz da camera                   da camera JZ 7001

Färnlöf/ Abeleen w Zetterlund  Farfars vals – Pushkin 55                  Philips PF 350280 (NL)

Lars Gullin                  Get Started                  Polydor EPN 10727 (SWE)


Cosmo Extansions    Saturn 51879  (USA)
Disco 2100
Saturn/Supersonic jazz        Saturn ?
A call for all demons/Demon´s lullaby    Saturn ?
Great Balls Of Fire/Hours After             Saturn J08W0245/J08W0246
The perfect man/blank        Saturn 537
Love In Outer Space/Mayan Temple    Saturn 256
Message To Earthman/The Sun One    Saturn 1502
A blue one/Orbitration in blue        Saturn SRA-999
The Bridge/Rocket#9        Saturn 3066Journey to Saturn        Saturn es 538

Other Formats

Jan.31, 2012