Wants & Needs

Feb.02, 2012

the following vinyls I NEEEEED!!!!
If you have acess to any of these and wanna trade or sell please contact me immediately(!!!) and/or  if u wanna get the complete wantlist of mats gustafsson for future trades and sales:

Steve Lacy        Solo at space who    gallery edition , 100 copies (JAP)

Prins Lasha w Don Cherry     It Is revealed        Zounds 71863

Joe Harriott & Amancio d`Silva   Hum Dono                  Columbia (UK)

Harold McNair                  Affectionate Fink                  Island ILP 926 (GB)

Pat Patrick                  Sound Advice                  Saturn 770 (USA)

Chris MacGregor – the African Sound / Gallojazz NSL 1011 (SA)

Chris MacGregor – Gold Castle Nat. Jazz Fest Moroka / Gallojazz (SA)

Farncois Tusques – Free Jazz w booklet / Disques Moloudji EM 13507S (FRA)

The worlds experience orch  – The beginning of a new birth   / World Productions BSE-1.

Yosuke Yamashita                  Trio by trio + one                  Victor SMJX – 10101-2 (JAP)

Arne Nordheim                   Popofoni                                                      Sonet 1421/22 (NOR)


Albert Ayler- spiritual Unity – esp 1002…. pre – press edition…..


+ of course obscure Musique Concrete & Sound Poetry records and OU editions of any kind…

+ of course obscure PJ Harvey, Cramps, Merzbow and bizarre garagerock 7?, 10? or 12?

and….. these SUN RA vinyls would be very great to get help with to find… very gooooood trades in return, I promise!!!!:
Sun Ra  12:

jazz by sun ra        transition lp 10 (USA)
Song of the Stargazers    Saturn 487  (USA)
Discipline 99        Saturn 61674  (USA)
When the sun comes out    Saturn 2066 (USA)

A tonal view of times tomorrow  Saturn 772 (USA)

Some blues, but not the kind that´s blue    saturn 747 (USA)

Sun Ra Visits planet earth    Saturn 207 (USA)

Journey to Saturn        Saturn es 538