great sax player ?

Oct.09, 2009

This is one of the forgotten swedish saxplayers that didn´t make it to our checklist of saxplayers.

WHO IS THIS? Of what we heard he was active in the 80´s primarily…

plaese send suggestions of names to and win the forthcoming 7″, that will  be relaesed in 2010 featuring this amazing bari player that started his career on a undeliberately bent soprano sax (!)



Oct.08, 2009

great new exhibition by Swedish painter Edward Jarvis, formerly known as Edward G. Jarvis at Pumphuset outside Landskrona in sweden.

spectacular paintings with very Jarvisesque motifes… oil on canvas´s… as it should be!!! CHECK OUT!

checklist of saxplayers coming soon

Oct.08, 2009

after VERY intensive meetings and discussions have we finished the list , the checklist of saxplayers….

it will be published shortly on this site.

Mats Gustafsson, Harald Hult and Edward Jarvis is proud to soon present the list of sax players that of different reasons, geographical, ideological, commercial, historical or other related reasons have become neglected…

heavy heavy heavy names within jazz and improvised musics!!!

checklist coming up

Sep.06, 2009

checklist coming up on heavy heavy heavy sax players that of different reasons are forgotten or hardly heard about in the history of  jazz and improvised  music….

in close collaboration with Harald Hult of Andra jazz & Blue Tower Records ( and  artist Edward Jarvis )  will a list of 20 names be published on this site really soon.

wait for it…..

negotiations is going on at the moment to agree on the content of the list…..

checklist of 20 sax players of extreme importance… coming up!!!!

and many more (un)important list will be published in the near future… for diskaholics, freaks and related human beings…


Jul.20, 2009


Currently there is a fantastic Cy Twombly exhibition in Vienna.  4th june – 11 oct 2009.

it HAS to be checked out. two floors of a good bit of the greatest stuff Twombly was dealing with. Early photography, sculptures, paintings, sketches and collages.

First time ever in Austria such a big retrospecive is shown….

truly truly amazing!!!

after seeing the dna changing collection in Houston last year….

… Cy Twombly became a very essential part of my universe. The great Menil collection in Houston basically built a whole gallery around his art!!! completey amazing… I couldnt fuckin believe it! It was really like stepping into another ( and truly great!) universe!

It took my breath away!!!!

If u ever are close to Houston, Texas, you need to check it out ( actually dont forget the Mark Rothko chappel… not so bad, either…). Its worth any kind of trip to just go there!!!

The Cy Twombly Gallery… one of the greatest art experience I ever had in a museum!!!

and if u cant make it to Texas, just go to Vienna before that exhibition closes! Momuk is also selling a really great catalogue in connection to the exhibition, one in English and one in German. Really good prints and interesting texts on Twombly.

mario schiano

Jul.19, 2009

Mario Schiano – alto sax , Italy

one very very personal saxplayer and pioneer of Italian and European improvised music.

just check the eminent article by the great Italian writer Francesco Martinelli:

Clay Ketter

Jun.15, 2009

New exhibitions with Clay Ketter!

and they freakin RULE! This is art for real… with direction and sense… with dynamic and poetic beuty… and the shit is explosive!

I love it!!!!

one in malmö, NOT TO MISS!!!!!

and one in stockholm, NOT TO MISS!!!!!

more news and images soon of the mega rare 12″ with original print and etching in the vinyl by Clay Ketter and music by the Art Farmer!

record shops

Apr.11, 2009

the best recordshop on the PLANET… is… of course:

ANDRA JAZZ in stockhom, Sweden.

the most amazing collection of jazz, free jazz, be bop , west coast and experimental jazz there is!!!

Smoke a cigarette, drink some brewed coffee and have a chat with owner Harald about anythin connected to jazz and vinyl. Let him spin some of his fav´s for you! Just ask for the music of Clifford Brown, Tony Fruscella, Fats, Bird, Bud, Gullin or Brötzmann, Munthe, Derek, Bert Wilson, Joe Daley and you will be well treated. Maybe even treated with a home made sandwich (!)

If you are looking for vinyl with great jazz shit of any kind. This is the place!

Hal´s in Tokyo for Free Jazz of course… that is quite a great shop for rare vinyl stuff as well…

but ANDRA JAZZ is the Mekka in Europe for all kinds of rare jazz!

ask also for the Harald produced Blue Tower records Productions!

I ll upgrade this page of recommendations soon… but ANDRA JAZZ is all you need…

call +46 8 31 07 07 for directions!

see also my and paal nilssen-love recomended shops in New York and tokyo at:


Apr.11, 2009


the best single espresso I ever had…. EVER HAD!!!!!

is at:

ABRACO´s in New York City ( sorry italians… this is hard to beat… )

on 7th between 1st and 2nd Av.

just CHECK IT OUT!!!!!! highest recomendations…

braziliana lps and eps in new york…

Apr.11, 2009

in new york for 6 days…

buying brazilian vinyl… ranned into a absolutley INSANE collection of tropicaliana ep´s and lps´s…. including cal costas 2 nd freak album and caetano veloso´s amazing LP singin in english!!! “I feel a little bit more blue then then”… CLASSIC!

tropicalia in furs…. a serious name for a serious shop!

and shitloads of eps…. cal costa, elis regina, maria bethania, veloso, tom ze and more…. all 1st pressings…. what are the odds ?

the collection just came in from brazil and I happened to be there. for once at the right place at the right time!

one piece of vinyl per day keeps the doctor away!

meanwhile — check my trades out in the vinyl category and get in touch with me about tradeoffers!

I ll update this category as often as I possibly can.