jimmy lyons!!!

Jan.09, 2012

amazing amazing saxophonist!!!!

and his sessionography is right here:


the site is made by enthusiast jan ström. amazing work!!!!

Jimmy Lyons is something else!!!!!!!



Peter Brötzmann

Apr.16, 2011

The great and totally kickin german artist Peter Brötzmann is presenting new and old work at the creative gallery of Epikur in Wuppertal, Germany


Check it out!!! Highly recomended!

Brötzmann is touring with his Brötzmann Chicago Tentet in Europe april 17 – 30. check the tour calender for more info.

But the exhibition at Galerie Epikur is NOT to be missed!!!!! in no way…..

Mathias Pöschl

Apr.16, 2011

The great and totally kickin austrian artist Mathias Pöschl is presenting new work at the creative gallery of Ping Pong in malmö , Sweden.


Check it out!!! Highly recomended!

Pöschl has made vinyl covers to Mats Gustafsson in the past (and future….) : ITS ALL ABOUT on Tyyfus and recently NEEDS on Dancing Wayang, just to name two….

beautiful film on marion brown

Mar.05, 2011

check this out!!!!

an amazing film by henry english on marion brown… killin footage and amazing music w ao dave burrell, sirone and bobby kapp



marion brown r.i.p.

fred anderson

Jun.24, 2010

very very sad news….

Fred Andersoon, one of the greatest saxophone players and free jazz pioneers, died this morning in Chicago.

born in 1929 and one of the founding members of AACM and always active at his Velvet Lounge in Chicago, until the very end.


derek bailey films

Jun.21, 2010

some of the most amazing films EVER made on music… and improvised music in particular are the films that Derek Bailey did wuth channel 4/ BBC years ago… material taken from his great book ” Improvisation: its nature and practice in music”!!!



Dror Feiler

Jun.17, 2010

Dror Feiler… one of the most amazing musician, activist and artist!

I owe him BIG time! for it all!

”Den politiska, eller revolutionära, sprängkraften ligger i att utmana invanda mönster. På det sättet är min musik alltid politisk även om det inte är explicit. Den bygger på revolt.”

hopefully his saxophone will be brought back to him soon… Dror neads his axe!!!





Oct.29, 2009

*Norman Mailer – The Fight

the classic boxing book…. Ali vs Foreman… a book that u NEED to read! fantastic… nuf said…

*James Ellroy – Blood´s a Rover — simply great- amazing use of language…

* Christina Kubisch – Stromzeichnungen / Electrical Drawings ( Kehrer verlag), amazing book of drawings and works 1974 – 2008. exremely inspiring! unique , totally unique and asskickin!

* Ethan Coen – Gates of Eden. amazing… completely  fascinating book and really, really well written. great short stories by one of the Coen Bros… with a smile am I reading story after story… just wanna start from the beginning after each story! they are so GOOD!!!


Oct.29, 2009

Cy Twombly – Cycles and Seasons

an amazing book of some of the best and most HITTING paintings!!! of special interest is the great essays and a very very interesting unique intervue with Cy Twombly himself!

* Peter Brötzmann – new woodcuts and paintings…

a collection of new woodcuts and paintings were seen lately in Peter´s atelier in Wuppertal.

still KICKIN all the asses… stronger than ever. these new additions to a great pile of work since the early 60´s… is just breathtaking! so sharp… so precise… sheer poetry!!!

*Ziga Koritnik – The Lake

a beautiful beautiful photobook by the great Slovenian photographer Ziga Koritnik. some of the best nature images I have ever seen… form and structure and perspectives of beauty and all…. Not only is he one of the best music photographer… this is WILD shit!

*Alfred Kubin drawings at Leopold museum in vienna — killer details in black and white

* Sven Åke Johansson drawings… in his studio in kreuzberg, Berlin. simple and on the spot! fragile and simply wonderful…