Aug.24, 2015

THE THING hitting hard this fall….. new studio album SHAKE …. and two major tours coming up in USA and Japan!

new material, new music , new energy — THE THING

see you out there!

Jan.21, 2014

Fire! Orchestra scandinavian tour is over for this time!

8 concerts & one studio recording…. check this video — with unique material — studio recorded in copenhagen and an interview.

Fire! Orchestra is back in spring and summer… and fall! s**tloads going on….. more news soon!!!

Fire! Orchestra – Enter from Unseen Recordings on Vimeo.

fire orchestra on FB

Nov.14, 2013

now it is up: FIRE! ORCHESTRA on FB ————


scandinavian tour coming up in january 2014 and many activities planned for 2014 and 2015 internationally.

check also our web:

the thing records update

Aug.29, 2013

now it is here – the promo version of our upcoming album: BOOT!


so, as of yet… the album is due to release on nov 12th, in US and internationally.

CD, LP and DL.

more news on our website- the thing records:


a 7″,  unique ep , will be released in winter!!!


the thing records will be distributed and handled by Trost records, Vienna.

worldwide distribution by Trost Records

FIRE! Orchestra in Luleå, Sweden

Jun.04, 2013

FIRE! Orchestra ( half sized version ) melting Luleå down during the New Directions Festival, June 1st 2013.

More soon at Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen — july 18 -21 st 2013.

Filmed by Mats Äleklint

FIRE! Orchestra tour

Jan.14, 2013

FIRE! Orchestra — playing EXIT! – in memory of Thomas Mera Gartz



the tour of all tours…. FIRE! Orchestra in 4 green buses travelling in snow storm in sweden, making slow and beautiful music…. it is over for this time…. BUT WE LL BE BACK!!!!!!!

a complete CLASSIC… a wonderful time with sold out theatres and clubs!!!

the new record is out in rune grammofon NOW


and there are reviews everywhere:–nojen/lyckad-jattesatsning/


we will be back… january 2014 – as opening of also next years activities… and other  places!!!

THANK you everyone involved. a very very very memorable tour and music!

here are some great photos by Fire Photographer Micke Keysendal:






swedish azz on tour

Nov.27, 2012

the coming week….


swedish jazz


swedish azz

and a duo concert in poznan…..


Bim Huis in amsterdam made a nice poster for us…. come OUT and check it OUT!



Jun.20, 2012


officially released on planet earth as of today!

and reviews and comments are comin in, it has been some wild days…

after finishing a US tour w JOE MCPHEE —- we now cant wait to get on the road with THE CHERRY THING!!!




“possessed of a fleeting magic” (8,0 Pitchfork)
“Let Neneh’s gloved, sensuous voice stroke your knitted brow” (8/10, NME)
“The Cherry Thing is quite a brilliant combination, with its creepy, freaky sound” (4/5, MOJO)
“A peerless left-field masterpiece” (9/10, Clash Magazine)
“One of a kind” (10/10, Vice Magazine UK, Album Of The Month)
“A strangely enjoyable and admirable record” (The Wire)
“The Cherry Thing is really good” (Stereogum, Album Of The Week)
“a sweet idea rendered with monstrous intensity” (New York Times)
“shivering charm” (4/5, The Independent)
“Lean, funky, sensual” (4/5, Daily Mirror)
“a masterclass in controlled chaos” (The Observer)
“Cherry sounds sushi raw” (The Sunday Times)
“The Cherry Thing is more than just a welcome return – it’s an essential album” (BBC)
“a dream come true” (The Quietus)

“The Cherry Thing låter ikke som noe annet du kommer til å ramle over i år – eller de neste” (6/6 NRK Lydverket)
“rått som sushi” (5/6, VG)
“Rått parti med rått resultat” (5/6, Dagbladet)
“Tala om svensk jazz stadd i utveckling, befriad från akademiskt tvång, inspirerad, djärv, vital” (6/6 Svenska Dagbladet)
“Ett möte för evigheten” (9/10, Sonic Magazine)
“Neneh Cherry själv låter förlöst, frisläppt, oövervinnerlig. Som en buffalo på en äng i Skåne.” (4/5, Jan Gradvall, Dagens Industri)