new trades april 2010

Mar.31, 2010

Here it is , the new trade list! be quick… past experience is that the ones that gets in touch right away gets what they need, when offering good trades. I dont compare trades. If a good trade is offered, we have a deal.

please email


check the old trade lists below of this list, the old posts… there is still a some HEAVY vinyls that has not gotten good enough offers. some are still available FOR TRADE!
please make inquries!
check the old trade lists below… there is stilla some HEAVY vinyls that has not gotten good enough offers. some are still available FOR TRADE!
please make inquries!

DIE STADT – John Duncan / Ditterich von euler- donnersperg / C.M. Von Hausswolff limited edition 7″ ep. 428 / 500
very very good… and rare already… MINT.


Masayuki Takayanagi  – Action Direct , Tiliqua records ( 2nd press)
amazing …amazing music… solso table top guitar impro… completey mindbending!
2nd press of classic takayanagi LP. MINT.


Lars Gullin Septet vol 1.  metronome  mep 77 VG / VG


Lars Gullin Septet vol 2. metronome mep 78 VG+ / VG +
classic gullin recordings… not mint conditions, but vol2 is in good shape… classic… so GREAT!!!music is  a must! a MUST!


Manfrd Schulze bläser Quintet – nummer 12 , FMP 1090
wonderful, fantastic muisc of one of the geniuses of european improvised music: Manfred Schulze! with Johannes Bauer ao… seriously… music is KILLIN!!! late FMP from 1985.. but alreday hard to find.


The Waste Kings w Ken Vandermark!!!, 7″ vinyl.
estrarus records 745,
an early vandermark document that u dont see every day… mid 80`s recording… yummy!!!


Eje Thelin AO… Jazz jamboree 1979 , muza.
rare thelin side… LP also feayuriung scott hamilton group and great cut with Gianni Basso quartet.
not really expensive… but rare enough….


Derek Bailey / Pat Thomas / Steve Noble – AND, Rectangle
GREAT music w maestro Bailey… amazing muisc!!!! totally killin session from 1997. MINT.


The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra, Radium 226.05
very very RARE… Dror Feilers project from 1988 with raymond Strid, Mats Gustafsson; Sören Runolf and Petter Hellsing. very INTENSE music… very….

SORRY TRADED!!!… but I do have another copy… in MINT condition.. never played….

Walt Dunn – when you are in love this way , REPETO / Enterplan Koncepts, 7″
Walt dunn on very scarce 7″… with Sun Ra backing up… YES, it is….
be quick… this is a good one…
VG +


Sun Ra – Rough House Blues
majy 1979 w Ra on piano and synth recorded in montreal with Luqman Ali… realy great music… rare…. no label, no cover.. ..
VG +


Mal Waldron / steve Lacy – Journey Without End, Vicor ( Jap )
a totally killin session with lacy at his best!
1971 recording…. this is the 1st press, fold out. totally totally amazing music and not easy to come around.


Yosuka Yamashita Trio – Montraux Afterglow, Frasco
the ultimate free jazz trio playing aylers Ghost in a version that is so HOT that it melts you donw down down… this is one of the most amazing documnets of this classic trio…. it doesnt get better than this…. seriously….


Burton Greene – presenting , Columbia
amazing free jazz lp… totally GREAT!!!! Quartet session w byard lancaster. this is for sure one of the best amaerican free jazz documents… one of Thurston Moores fav free jazz records all time, if that gives u a hint…
and its freakin true!


Bengt Nordström – Natural Music, BNLP 8A / 8C
once again… these lps on bird notes are just getting rarer to find these days… and music is complety mindbending and dna changing. THIS IS THE SHIT!
this is the classic Lp bengt did in 200 copies back in end of 60´s.
without cover, but vinyl is in great condition.
be fast… these Lps never shows up these days… this Lp was given to me by Bengt himself 20 years ago and I have two copies of it.

still available….unbelievably enough…. offers has not been good enough so far….

a bomb…….
Peter Brötzmann Quartet – HOT LOTTA , blue master special.
ok… this is RARE… how often have u seen it ?
and it is in killer company Brötzmann is working! with Peter Kowlad, Edward Vesala and the almighty Juhani AAltonen!!!
this is so gooooood… this is brutally GREAT!!!!
and in NM condition!
mygod, this is heavy… and an insanely great cover…..


and another bomb….
Masayuki Takayanagi – Axis/ Another Revolable Thing, Offbeat records
the 1st press of an AMAZING ROCKIN session w the master Takayanagi…
burnin BLOW OUT session…
really rare these days… and in great condition…
1975 session that will take yr roofs and hats down…
this is such an amazing LP…..


GOOD LUCK — one vinyl poer day keeps them all away…