recommendations week 12 2010

Mar.21, 2010


*Fugazi – guns, drugs & money / drunken ducks records

ferocious fugazi just ripping!!! looks pretty much like a boot… but music is… full of it ALL!!!

*The Ex – maybe I was the pilot / ex records

the new Ex ep…. just fantastic… the first record w arno on vocals and guitar. this is IT!!!! this is nasty and beatiful!

*Hans Dulfer & Ritmo natural – red, red libanon / catfish

insane music… strats with a brutal tenor sax growl and goes into some really weird soul swing… very intense!!!

*Hacke Björksten & Åke Persson Quintet / metronome 353

classic… just freakin classic swedish jazz… a masterpiece and worth waiting for. it took me some years… w Jan Johansson on piano. brilliant!!!

*Inge Brandenburg – europes best jazz singer / decca

amazing early german jazz session. dark voiced Inge heped by amazing bari player Helmut Brandt! really really nice…


*Joe McPhee – Alto / Roaratorio

an amazing amazing document by master McPhee. all on alto (-sax and -clar )….he is a monster. this music is HEAVY… it doesnt get heavier… totally FANFUCKINTASTIC! hand painted cover….mmmmmmh….

*Masayuki Takayanagi – The new direction Unit – AXIS / Offbeat

this is the SHIT! totally mindblowing session… one of the best… ultimate guitar treatment. TOTALLY GREAAAAAAAAT!

*Inge Brandenburg – Its alright with me / CBS, Germany

Inge´s first 12″, from 1965 with Gunter Hampel Quartet…. with a young Bobo Stenson at the keys… oi oi oi… this is quiet a surprise. really great and adventerous at the same time steady in the tradition. vibes and piano is KILLIN! and Inge´s dark voice hits nice spots in the heart…rare like hens teeth, but wort going for!

*Jan Johansson – M / Megafon

the CLASSIC… the CLASSIC… this is the swedish LP you all should have…an amazing document with some sensational early attempts of free improsvised music, conducted by Johansson. One of the most amazing piano players worldwide, but even more a musical mind of few comparishment. I listened to this one so many times… and it surprises me all the time… all the time… a BEAUTY of a double LP… a BEAST of BEAUTY!!!!

*John Edwards & Chris Corsano – TSKTSKING / Dancing Wayang

a GREAT new LP of imrpovised duets of bass and drums… liners by the one and only Mr Parker. ( and liners are great…).unusual format with two great improvisers. One of the best records of free in a loooooong time.

*The Werner – Rosengren Swdish Jazz Quartert – Bombastica / jazzland

another CLASSIC swedish jazz lp… great tunes, mostly by Lars Werner. wonderful wonderful. and the drumming by Spångberg is poetry… pure msuical poetry! highly recommended!!!

* Marzette Watts.- ensemble / savoy

the BOMB!!! this is a LP I ve been looking for … many many years… and its freakin worth waiting for. its a BOMB a  free jazz BOMB!…it has it all. Watts, one of the must forgotten HEAVY players ever… and in the compnay of  Patty Waters and JC Moses it cant go wrong. Produced by mighty Bill Dixon!