Oct.29, 2009

Cy Twombly – Cycles and Seasons

an amazing book of some of the best and most HITTING paintings!!! of special interest is the great essays and a very very interesting unique intervue with Cy Twombly himself!

* Peter Brötzmann – new woodcuts and paintings…

a collection of new woodcuts and paintings were seen lately in Peter´s atelier in Wuppertal.

still KICKIN all the asses… stronger than ever. these new additions to a great pile of work since the early 60´s… is just breathtaking! so sharp… so precise… sheer poetry!!!

*Ziga Koritnik – The Lake

a beautiful beautiful photobook by the great Slovenian photographer Ziga Koritnik. some of the best nature images I have ever seen… form and structure and perspectives of beauty and all…. Not only is he one of the best music photographer… this is WILD shit!

*Alfred Kubin drawings at Leopold museum in vienna — killer details in black and white

* Sven Åke Johansson drawings… in his studio in kreuzberg, Berlin. simple and on the spot! fragile and simply wonderful…