new recordings in Korean and Japan

Sep.19, 2009

two weeks in Japan and Korea has resulted in a various numbers of recordings. live and studio… we dont know what to do with all the insane music that has been produced…


live recordings with The Thing w Otomo Yoshihide w special guest , Jim O `rourke, Yosuke Yamashita and Akira sakata, all from Tokyo. The Thing + Otomo live recordings from the tour and video recordings….my, oh my….

and from Korea a totally great studio recording w The Thing + Otomo and special Korean guests:

Ruy Hankil, Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae, Park Danham and joe Foster…. unfuckinbelievable!!!!

so, be prepared for box sets coming up!!!! updates will arrive on this page later….

and Paal Nilssen – Love has finally became Paal Percussion: