records in vancouver!!!

Jul.02, 2009

great recordshopping in Vancouver , BC…. I tell you….


after a very nice evening with trading, listening and hanging… I came out of this AMAZING recordshop with HEEEAAVVVY stuff in my bag:

*Sun Ra – Daddy´s Gonna tell you no lie – a saturn 7″ !!! killing doo woop arkestra insanity!

*the Plastic Cloud – shadows of your mind, a Allied records 7″…. amazing early garage… amazing….

* Something Wild – Trippin´out on Psychadelic Records!!!! man oh man, this 45 has been on the top of my list for a couple of years now… the vinyl of the year! this is the BOMB!!!!

and some very very very neat 12″ :

*The Millenium – Begin (are you kidding me ??? this is a masterfuckinpiece of music! – it has it all!!!!, cant believe it… I finally found the 1st pressing of this monster!!!)

*The Golden Dawn – Power Plant… wow… wow… fuckin hell…. never heard of before… absolute chock! “five young men, with a powerful message” as it says on the beautiful sleeve. amazing garage / psych insanity!!!!

and another GARAGE BOMB!!!!!:

REIGN GHOST …again an ALLIED Record… and this is another BOMB!!! the weirdest, most beautiful voice in a garage setting, blowing your freakin brains OUT!!!!

and may more things ….

I tell you now… If you are around British Columbia, Canada,  at some point, just stop by this eminent vinyl shop for the greatest garage / psych stuff available!