Jun.15, 2009

vinyls vinyls vinyls… recent finds and recommendations:

*Spider Burks presents LEO´S FIVE – LG records

a very very young Hammett(Hamiett) Bluett (Bluiett) on baritone sax. must be the first (?) recording of this GREAT baritone player! Honking and bluesing around in late 50´s horn & organ based rock outing!

very rare record almost to the extent of being unknown ( to me at least…). thank god I have two copies…

very very interesting and swining like MAD! please check out the solo monster LP by Bluiett: Birthright on India Navigation. that is a MONSTER solo record! breathtaking at least…

*Clint Jackson – Mother Africa – Palm 9

A real Free Jazz killer  from a Jef Gilson produced session in Paris in 1974. with my alto fav Byard Lancaster ripping the flesh out of the air! never seen this one before… Thanx Henrik for getting it for me.Lancaster is really something else! his tone is the SHIT!

*Paul Gonsalves – boom-jackie-boom-chick – vocalion LAE 587

the man on tenor sax. THE MAN! a record I have been listening to every day for two months now. this is JAZZ… JAZZ!!! Gonsalves´s tone is inside… inside everything… and at the same time, just freakin outside. moving freely… improvising !!! and in great british company! To bad I only have this LP in a japanese pressing! anyone that wants to get rid of his original pressing ?

and what a title !!! “I should care” is treated with so much love… its almost painful. BEAUTIFUL!!!

*PJ HARVEY – 4 track demos – Island LP

well…. this is raw… raw and naked. I have no words for this music.I  finally found the original pressing of this masterpiece. yes, its a fuckin masterpiece! just because its so raw and in a way “not” ready… but IT IS! No safety nets here! why cant more musicians be more daring and try the same “demo” idea like Polly Jean, I think that would be really interesting on many layers.     with the original “naked” cover. this is truly a GEM! HIGHLY recommended!

*Lars Lystedt Sextet – Jazz Under the Midnight Sun – Swedisc LP 10

One of the true KILLER records of swedish jazz. A group from Umeå ( my hometown iy happens to be …;)) playing with all their guts and fantasy! inspired by Mingus and alikes they are most of all creating their own Jazz. absolute amazing alto playing by Ulander and Sten Öbergs way of treating time and colour on the drums is just astonoshing! One of the best hidden secrets in European Jazz!!! Its a rare lp… but worth looking for! I promise!

and… right now…in the mail from Italy: a Lp I have been looking for forever:

Mario Schiano´s “If not Ecstatic , we refund”…. a MONSTER! a KILLER!

I should have it in a week. a MONSTER!