recommendations week 20

May.16, 2009

Gunter Christmann, Paul Lovens, Marten Altena  – Weavers – Po Torch 7 / absolutely insane free improvised music with everything you need in music; action, space, phrasing and sense of form. an absolute MASTERFUCKINPIECE!!!! ( I had the pleaseure of playing with Lovens and Christmann this week in Hannover… nothing could be better… The focus and dedication these two masterplayers has is without compare… I kid you not!!! )

Bill Callahan – Sometimes I wish we Were An Eagle – Drag City / the ultimate song record by Callahan. what we have been waiting for since the Red Apple Fall LP. beautiful… just beautiful…

but please check out swedish Freddie Wadling… there is some elements in Callahan´s record that really remindfs me of the great Wadling moments in Cortex and Blue For Two and other great swedish groups from the past

Ida Maria – Fortress round my heart – mercury / a surprise of many during the tour w the thing in the US and canada… picking up vinyl all over the place… the cover made me curious. And the fact this is a Swede that I didnt know about… fanfuckintastic voice and really great songs. and the production is real cool to. I like!!!

Wyrd Visions – Sigill – VOID 009-1 / !!! ??? what is this… another record found at great record store “Rotate this” in Toronto!!! is he singing in swedish ? yes , he is… and why…really fuckin brilliant record… slow acoustic metal. fahey/ o rourke gitarr and great voice. music I have never heard… anything like it. very cool! beautiful printed cover, lim ed of 350…

Serge Chaloff – Blue serge – Capitol /  one of he greatest records of recorded jazz…. YES, it is! together with Lars Gullin my absolute fav among bari players. and this record KILLS! it has everything… everything that JAZZ should be about. The Rhytm section of Sonny Clark, philly Joe and Vinnegar has never been better. This is a piece of vinyl that I always comes back to… EVERYY WEEK! makes me smile – makes me fly!

Wenderlea Maravilhosa –  Polydor ( brasil ) / oh oh oh … I got this amazingly fucked up music at Trolpicaliana in Furs in NYC some weeks ago.. its been spinning since then. It is one of the  most amazing mixes ever. oh my god… tropicaliana, funk, soul, pop…call it whatever u like. but it sounds like nothing else. seriously… this is ROCKIN! ( not in the way we are used to, but anyway… )

Demetrio Stratos – Cantare la Voce – Cramps / ok…. this is a serious piece of music… a voice that freakin KILLS anything in its way… like nothing else. cant really compare it with anything…  but it goes into your system like Ripley´s Alien. amazing… just amazing…. solo

45´s section:

PJ Harvey & John Parish – Black Hearted Love – Island / she is back again… in another great collab w John parish. and it twist my mind again… the lyrics… the voice… its the SHIT! sorry about the expression… but , this is the SHIT!

Lars Gullin – Freedom – Falk 102 / the holy grail for Gullin collectors. the lost piano recording that Gullin made very late in his career on a religous label in Sweden… the piano pieces of Gullin are just amazing. simple and very touching! the b-side  with the biblical choir is… something different… oh oh ohjjj….

Betty LaVette – He made a woman out of me – Silver Fox / yes YES YES! Betty is doing it! and this song anf the b-side (nearer to you) is amazing songs. aaaaaah  YES!!!! fantastic!

The Hentchmen  – the breather – a happy hour record / another great garage 45 by the hentchmen. organ, guitar and drums in a very trashy mix with NERVE and balls! just freakin great! why are no one doing this kind of kickass gagare muisc any more ?