catalytic fest – up and GOING!

Jul.11, 2020


“Tonight the Catalytic Festival takes off! 20.00 European time!!! Shit I can’t get a good punch from Ken, but we’ll have some fun in the Villa living room!!!! Tonight a trio with Ab and Ig; tomorrow a duo with Andy! “The Catalytic Sound Festival 2020 begins tomorrow- Friday, July 10th and continues throughout the weekend until Sunday night. There are daytime concerts that start at 1pm Central, which focus on the European musicians in the collective, giving them and the listeners in that time-zone a chance to participate at 8pm their time. Starting at around 3pm Central each day there will also be a panel discussion dealing with the following topics: Art & Music (July 10th), DIY Principles (July 11th), and What’s Next? (July 12th). Then at 7pm Central the second half of concerts will be presented, with a focus on the American musicians from the co-op. In addition, each day of the event will include visual elements created by Kim Alpert (Friday), Pat Cain (Saturday), and Federico Peñalva (Sunday). Please join for a world premier series of performances, discussions, and videos, that involve over 30 artists from the U.S. and Europe. There is no need to register to attend, just go to on Friday, July 10th at the 1pm Central start time, where the link to the online feed (assisted by Experimental Sound Studio and their Quarantine Concerts) will be located. It’s recommended to go to the ESS Quarantine Concert link ahead of time ( to set up a at Twitch account which will allow participation in the chat group that runs parallel to the performances, videos, and discussions. A donation of $10 for each concert program of 4 sets is suggested.” ?? SCHEDULE: All times PM, US Central Time — ?? Friday July 10th Interstitial videos by Kim Alpert Program 1: 1 pm – Terrie Hessels / Ab Baars / Ig Henneman 1:35 pm – Jaap Blonk 2 pm – Ken Vandermark 2:25 pm – Paal Nilssen-Love / Frode Gjerstad 3pm – Discussion Panel 1 (Art/Music) with John Corbett, Ben Hall, Bonnie Jones. Moderated by Kim Alpert. Program 2: 7 pm – Sylvie Courvoisier 7:25 pm – Brandon Lopez 7:50 pm – Nate Wooley / Ikue Mori 8:25 pm – Fred Lonberg-Holm / Joe McPhee — ? Saturday July 11th Interstitial videos by Patrick Cain Program 1: 1 pm – Elisabeth Harnik 1:25 pm – Icepick (Corsano / Håker Flaten / Wooley) 2 pm – Mats-olof Gustafsson 2:25 pm – Terrie Hessels / Andy Moor 3pm – Discussion Panel 2 (DIY/Funding) with Nate Cross, Terrie Hessels, Joe Morris, Luke Stewart. Moderated by Olivia Junell. Program 2: 7 pm – Timothy Daisy & Dave Rempis 7:35 pm – Luke Stewart (with video by Patrick Cain) 8 pm – Joe McPhee 8:25 pm – Marker (Vandermark / Stewart / Clinkman / Marquette / Sudderberg) — ? Sunday July 12th Interstitial videos by Federico Peñalva Program 1: 1 pm – Chris Corsano 1:30 pm – Susan Alcorn / Macie Stewart / Tim Daisy 2:05 pm – Ingebrigt Håker Flaten / Håkon Kornstad 2:40 pm – Mats Gustafsson / Jaap Blonk / Fred Lonberg-Holm 3 pm – Discussion Panel 3 (Where Are We Going?) with Joe McPhee, Andy Moor, Macie Stewart, Nate Wooley. Moderated by Ken Vandermark. Program 2: 7 pm – Ikue Mori 7:25 pm – Claire Rousay 7:50 pm – Ben Hall / Bonnie Jones / Luke Stewart 8:25 pm – Joe Morri””