day 2 final installation – PIECES OF PEACE & FIRE!

Aug.21, 2019

final installment of the PIECES OF PEACE & FIRE!!! tomorrow is opening with:

Kilroy (is Hidros) with Trondheim Voices

“Fiskemirakelet” w Dieb13 and king Leif Elggren

ad hoc with Mette Rasmussen, Klaus Holm & Mats Gustafsson

check it out:


day 2 1

EXIT! score for Fire Orchstra… in background Symphony nr 1 – Minnet


day 2 2

Trondheim Kunsthall, Norway!!!


day 2 3

“FELIX” (1999- 2019) a tribute to Felix Gonzales Torres —- used and broken saxophone reeds


day 2 4


Hidros 6 – to Little Richard



day 2 5


two videos with Thurston Moore and Mats Gustafsson —- live at henie Onstad and The Record Hunt!



day 2 6

Variations (on a theme) —- record cover exhibition – w ao Sun Ra´s – My brother the wind w 6 different covers… and more.. much much more……

in the background : Anna Linders amazing film  “Cum Pane” !