record shops

Apr.11, 2009

the best recordshop on the PLANET… is… of course:

ANDRA JAZZ in stockhom, Sweden.

the most amazing collection of jazz, free jazz, be bop , west coast and experimental jazz there is!!!

Smoke a cigarette, drink some brewed coffee and have a chat with owner Harald about anythin connected to jazz and vinyl. Let him spin some of his fav´s for you! Just ask for the music of Clifford Brown, Tony Fruscella, Fats, Bird, Bud, Gullin or Brötzmann, Munthe, Derek, Bert Wilson, Joe Daley and you will be well treated. Maybe even treated with a home made sandwich (!)

If you are looking for vinyl with great jazz shit of any kind. This is the place!

Hal´s in Tokyo for Free Jazz of course… that is quite a great shop for rare vinyl stuff as well…

but ANDRA JAZZ is the Mekka in Europe for all kinds of rare jazz!

ask also for the Harald produced Blue Tower records Productions!

I ll upgrade this page of recommendations soon… but ANDRA JAZZ is all you need…

call +46 8 31 07 07 for directions!

see also my and paal nilssen-love recomended shops in New York and tokyo at: