Jul.13, 2016

today July 13th 2016 – BENGT FRIPPE NORDSTRÖM would have been 80 years old.

born in 1936 on the very same exact day as his friend and collegue Albert Ayler.

Bengt was the first musician in scandinavia to try free improvised jazz out. he did recordings of his attempts and his visions – among others together with such musicians as Don Cherry, Bernt Rosengren, Sune Spångberg, Lalle Svensson, Allan Wajda, Sven Hessle, Janne Carlsson, Conny Lundin and others…..

most spectacular was his solo sax recordings.

he started to improvise  on solo saxophone already in 1962, after having met Albert Ayler in Stockholm during his stint in the swedish capitol.

solo sax in 1962… free improvised music….. way before many others even had the idea of doing it!

personally I owe Bengt a LOT! he took care of me a lot, teaching and commenting on things. a LOT!

music, philosophy- and  psychologyrelated matters. but first of all on JAZZ. he knew it all.

every bit of the history.

and he could de- and reconstruct it musically on his sax, in the most mysterious way and matters.



PLEASE check his music out! DNA changing… life changing…. just fantastic!!!


he passed away in 2000.  HIGHLY MISSED by many.


BENGT FRIPPE NORDSTRÖM —- the one and only!