new version of the NU ensemble

May.24, 2016

premiere of the new incarnation of the NU  – ensemble

september 9th  in sardinia

line up:
Mats Gustafsson (sax, composition)
Sten Sandell (keyboards, piano)
Raymond Strid (drums)
Nate Wooley (trumpets)
Anders Nyqvist (trumpets)
Jaap Blonk (vocal)
Julien Desprez (guitar)
Ken Vandermark (barisax)
Mette Rasmussen (sax)
Jamie Saft (organ, keyboards)
Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (electric bass)
Morgan Agren (drums)
Hedvig Mollestad (guitar)

conducted by Bas Wiegers
sound by Mikael Werliin

A new unique version of the NU ensemble!

Since the beginning of the NU ensemble in 1997, the members has been changing depending on the composition to play and perform.

This version of the NU ensemble are put together to play the re – and deconstruction of the music and lyrics by Frank Zappa.

Elements from the music of Zappa will be re arranged and re used in various forms and structures with the free improvsation as a creative glue.

mats gustafsson – saxes, composition. sten sandell – keyboards, piano and raymond strid – drums = ”GUSH”

GUSH ( mats gustafsson, sten sandell and raymond strid)  is the featured solo group in this piece working with free improvisation with and against the  structure, energy and form of the piece.

World premiere of the composition ”Hidros ZAP” ! september 9th,  2016 in Sargedgna!