loads going on – update feb 2013

Feb.22, 2013

update feb 2013


shitloads going on at the moment :

— The thing recording a new studio album: BOOT!

recordings made and mixing as you read…. to be released on the new label: THE THING RECORDS

as well as the whole backcatalogue on LP (!!!) of ALL previous The Thing records!!!!

distrubuted by Trost Records in Austria.

—Tarfala Trio on tour…moving the glacier ice around….



— legendary west coast experminetal jazz unit Boots Brown reuniting in stockholm feb 26th and recording a new album


—  feature in the new the Wire, with fresh photos from deep forest Nickelsdorf



— Swedish Grammy award to The Cherry Thing!


from 1. 12. 20



—  huge poll El Intruso of 2012 just launched:







— brazilian, canadian, european and japanese activties coming up for the thing in spring…. more news soon!!!!

— Fire Orchestra touring in jan 2014…. filling up the dates as we speak… 30 piece insanity… playing slow and beautiful….


etc etc etc etc etc etc……


“one record per day keeps the doctor away”


— and working on a heavy , heavy discaholic interview  with  …… ….. coming up soon…. on





and last but not least:


check this amazing project out:


a project in Ethiopia to help the local school to get a decent roof on the school buildings and raisin money for books, education material  and related materials!

run by swedish bass player Alva Melin and locally in Ethiopia by trumpeter Israel Dejene

check it out, contribute and help w funds…. PayPal and wires available on the site.

GREAT project – and very well constructed!

peace & fire !!!